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Which programs for Android can calculate inverse trigonometric functions?

Mathlab can.

1, open the Mathlab calculator

2, double-click sin (that is, arcsinx)

The dialog box shown in the figure appears

3, in order to enter (1 / 2 )

We can see that the calculator gives us the result of the calculation.

arccosx, arctanx is used in a similar way.

Download Calculator for Apple

Download it directly from the Apple App Store.

Using Calculator on iPhone

In the Calculator app, you can use the standard calculator for basic arithmetic calculations. Or use the scientific calculator for exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

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Using the scientific calculator

Turn iPhone to landscape mode.

Copy, delete, or erase numbers

Copy calculations: Hold down on a displayed calculation, tap Copy, and then paste the result somewhere else, such as in a memo or message.

Delete last digit: Swipe left or right at the top of the screen if you make a mistake.

Clearing the display: Tap the Clear key (C) to delete the last entry, or tap the Clear All key (AC) to delete all entries.