Turn off automatic updates for ios 14.1

How to turn off the Apple system automatic update

The steps to turn off the Apple system automatic update are as follows:

1, Apple cell phone to open the settings, click on the “General” settings information;

2, in the general settings, click on the “software updates “

3, in the software update, click on “automatic update”;

4, in the automatic update settings, click on the “download IOS update” right switch button, close the “Download IOS Updates”; return to Software Update, you can see that “Automatic Updates” has been turned off.

How to cancel the automatic update system of Apple phone?

Apple phone always pops up to update the system, how to cancel out?

Tools to prepare: one Apple cell phone.

Blocking the automatic update of the phone steps are as follows:

1 First of all, you need to click on the software “Settings”, as shown in the picture:

2 Click “Settings”, and then click on the iTunesstore and AppStore can be. AppStore.

3Click into the “Update” column can be turned off to prevent the system from automatically updating.

Note: The phone needs to be upgraded to ios7 or above to follow the steps below.

This is the safest method, or you can try the following method:

General method to cancel the iphone system update prompt:

1, cancel the iPhone system update prompt, that is, the update cache file by wiping the system content to completely delete.

2, the reason why the system appears to automatically download updates to upgrade the system files is because the function of automatically downloading updates to the application is enabled, so the device will automatically download the update program files in the background when it is connected to the network.

3, want to upgrade reminder ios system files deleted, also need to erase all the content and settings, that is, all the files on top of the phone are restored to the initial system state, that is, the cell phone on top of the installation of software, photos, videos, music and so on the files were once there are wiped out. So before erasing all the files, back up the important files that need to be backed up, and the software can be re-downloaded and installed.

4. To erase all content, open Settings – General – Restore – Erase all content and settings.

5, erase finished, in the use of AppleID account to activate the phone, you can see the settings inside the system has not asked for updates to the system prompts, there is no system to automatically download the update cache file.

6, want to completely prohibit the system automatically download the update file operation method is: cell phone settings – itunesStore and AppStore, into the inside, in the automatic download project, bar application and update function are closed, as well as the bottom of the use of cellular Mobile data is turned off, so that the system will not automatically download updates under any circumstances.

7, of course, this is also a disadvantage, that is, the software will not be automatically updated, such as the need to update the installed software to the latest version, you need to go to the AppStore inside the manual update software.

Apple’s phone always prompted to update the system how to remove

1, first of all, find the iPhone on the [Settings], and enter the [Settings].

2, enter and select [General].

3, find the [General] under the [Storage Space and iCloud Usage].

4. Next, select [Manage Storage Space] under [Storage Space].

5. Then find the system update package.

6. After clicking on the system update package, select Delete Update.

7, finally confirm the deletion, so that there will not be a system update pop-up window will not appear.

How to cancel the automatic update system of Apple cell phone system

1, first open the “Settings” app on the home screen of Apple mobile phone

2, in the list of Settings, find the iTunesStore and AppStore column, click to enter

3, in the In the list of iTunesStore and AppStore, you can manage the automatic update of application software. You can see the options under Automatic downloads

4. Next, you can click the switch to the right of Turn off updates, and of course you can turn off all automatic downloads like I did

5. In addition, we recommend that you turn off “Use cellular mobile data” at the bottom of the screen. This feature is horrible, as it uses our traffic to update applications when there is no Wi-Fi when automatic updates are turned on.

6. In the future, if an application is updated, the number of updates will be displayed in the upper right corner of the AppStore app icon on the home screen.

7. In this way, updates to system applications are completely in your hands. After opening the AppStore update section, manually update the applications you want to upgrade.