WeChat small program development tools how to write code

How to write WeChat small program code?

How to make a WeChat small program without knowing the code

First of all, take a look at the official dry goods: mp.weixin.qq/… .201714

Guide including small program product positioning function introduction, design specifications, development of introductory tutorials, small program data related analysis and so on a series of novice tutorials, close to the hand to teach, as long as you look at it carefully will always have some understanding.

Then you can check out some of the small program collections on GitHub, such as: github/… -weapp

Look at how others do will always be rewarded, come on

WeChat small program code how to use the tool to open to see

1, first of all, you have to download the official WeChat WeChat Web Developer Tools. Open the WeChat public platform, find the small program module in the lower right, click the “Development” button; 2, click the “Tools” button on the top navigation bar, and find “Download” in the left column of the new page. As you can see, the development tool provides three versions: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and Mac. According to the actual situation, you can choose the development tools suitable for your computer.  3、After installation, you can launch the developer tool directly. If it is the first time to start the developer tool, you need to use the developer’s micro-signal to scan the code to log in. After logging in, click the “Add Project” button, fill in the AppID (if not, click No AppID) and project name. Next, click “Select” in the project directory to create a new folder as the new project directory. Then click “Add Project” again to create a new WeChat applet project.  4. WeChat Developer Tool is divided into three parts: “Edit”, “Debug” and “Project”.  Edit: Edit and modify the code of the applet.  Debugging: show the small program code errors and warnings, easy to debug code errors.  Project: used to view the properties of the applet, modify the applet configuration, and submit the applet code to the WeChat server.  Development tools also provide a simple simulator (left side of the page), developers can use the simulator to simulate the user click and use on the computer, providing background situation simulation, multimedia player debugging, cached data processing and other functions.  5, programmers who know the technology to this step can develop their own. The white people who do not know how to program can log on the official website of WeChat’s small program production platform “Instant Application” for the production of small programs. There are a large number of small program templates, according to their own needs to choose a template for production can be.  6、After the production is completed, click the “Generate” button. Then choose “Small Program Packaging” to download the standard code package of the small program.  7, back to the WeChat Web Development Tools, in the “project directory” column, select the downloaded code package, open it to see the preview effect of the small program.  8, in the “project” page, the developer can view the basic properties of the small program, you can also preview the real machine debugging, or submit a new version of the small program code to the WeChat server. After the server receives the code, the administrator can submit the new version for review through the public platform.  The above is the specific use of WeChat small program development tools. Sharpening the knife is not wrong to cut the material work, only a serious understanding of how to use the WeChat small program development tools, in order to WeChat small program launch the key period to seize the opportunity to enter the market as soon as possible, to take the first wave of small program dividends.

What is WeChat small program? What is the use of WeChat small program

WeChat small program is a kind of application that can be used without downloading and installing. Characteristics:

It realizes the dream of the application “at your fingertips”, users can open the application by sweeping or searching.

It also embodies the concept of “use it or leave it”, so users don’t have to worry about installing too many apps.

Apps will be available everywhere, all the time, without having to be installed or uninstalled.

However, for WeChat Apps to get enough users, it will also need the support of developers. There is no doubt that developers will be the biggest beneficiary group of WeChat App Number. For developers, the app number can save development costs, and can improve the efficiency of research and development, developers only need to develop a product suitable for browser applications to meet the use of different operating systems.

The first WeChat small program code in which file to write

need to download the WeChat small program developer tool in the WeChat public platform, in the WeChat small program developer tool inside the write

What is the WeChat small program, how to use?

What’s a WeChat small program?

Small program is a kind of mobile ‘application’ that can be used without installation. Just scan the QR code, or search for it, and you can use it immediately, which can solve the problem of not having enough memory on your phone.

Different small programs can help you realize different functions.

For example, buying movie tickets, restaurant queuing, restaurant ordering, checking public transportation, checking stock information, checking the weather, listening to the radio station, booking a hotel, sharing a bike, taking a taxi, checking the exchange rate, checking a word, buying a plane ticket, buying online ……

Of course, as a new WeChat product, small programs can only be used in WeChat.

How to add a WeChat small program?

The prerequisite is to upgrade WeChat to the latest version (6.5.3), and it should be noted that the software stores on some Android phones are not up to date, so it is recommended that you add WeChat apps directly through WeChat’s “Me”-> “Settings”-> “Programs”-> “Programs”-&gt. > “About WeChat”-> “Check for new version” to update.

One, offline scanning, QR code is the most basic way to get the small program, open WeChat Sweep, through the WeChat scanning offline QR code way to enter the small program.

Second, Apple phone please pull down in the main interface of WeChat, revealing the search box; Android phone click on the top of the magnifying glass icon to enter the search, where to enter a complete name of the program, such as “where to go travel”, in the search results click on the, “search for a”. Search where to travel friends circle, public number, article, etc.” point in to where to travel, back to the interface of the discovery will be able to see the small program.

Three, the public number associated with the same subject of the small program and the public number can be associated with each other and jump to each other, the function needs to be set by the developer after the use of independent settings. Through the public number to view and enter the bound small program a public number can be tied to five small programs, but a small program can only be bound by a public number.

Four, friends recommend, when you find a fun or practical small program, you can send this, forwarded to friends or group chat. But note that small programs can not be released in the circle of friends to share.

Fifth, the history, when you have used a small program, in the WeChat client’s “Discover – small program” in the list, you can see the small program, want to use it again, through the list of history can be accessed. In the “Discover – small program”, you can also search for small programs.

How to use small programs? A small program to switch

Small programs and small programs, small programs and chat logs interface can be quickly switched.

Two, message notification

You can receive template messages and customer service messages from small programs.

Three, nearby stores

This is one of the newest ways to play. In the future, you can find nearby apps in the “nearby stores” in the “discovery apps”.

Four, Android privileges

If you are an Android user, you can also enjoy a privilege: add applets to desktop.

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the applet, you can see the option of “Add to Desktop”, click to add the applet to desktop directly.

How to share small programs? Small program is not the same as public number, it can not be shared to the circle of friends, only to friends, or WeChat group.

What is the meaning of small program in WeChat and how to use it?

Hello! I’m glad to be able to answer your question,

The so-called small program is no need to download a certain application, directly through the WeChat you can open and use it, this function for those who do not have a lot of memory in the phone is considered to be a gospel for the friends, so how to find the entrance to it? It is very simple, first we open WeChat, and then in the “Contacts” directly search for “small program examples”, as shown in the figure;

After we find it directly click to enter, we can see its components and interfaces and other backend, but these are not useful to us, we click on the page in the upper right corner of the apostrophe icon, and then select the “display in the top of the chat”, which makes it easy for us to find, see below;

We will be able to find it, and we can also use the “small program” in our mobile phone. We can start using it, but WeChat will not show the list of small programs it includes, so we need to search for them manually;

For example, if we type “today’s headlines” into the search box, we will find a list of small programs with the word “lite” in the search results. lite” in the search results means that the app is included in the app, so you don’t need to download it to use it…

Then the above, we clicked into the small program, we opened the main interface of this software, as shown in the figure; the same with the program in the upper right corner of the click on the ellipsis icon can be topped, but the function can not be completely and download after the same, such as posting/following and so on temporarily can not be realized;

WeChat application number is what, WeChat small

techweb/…. .shtml

For reference only

WeChat small program is what

WeChat small program is actually the predecessor of the WeChat public platform application number, it is said to have reached an agreement with Apple, Apple wants to monopolize the word (application) APP, so harmony, small and beautiful, called small program.

Small program is a kind of application that does not need to be downloaded and installed to use, it realizes the dream of the application “at your fingertips”, the user can open the application by sweeping or searching. It also embodies the concept of “use it or leave it”, so users don’t have to worry about installing too many applications. Apps will be everywhere, available at all times, but no need to install or uninstall them.


Key Points:

Cross-platform, easy to develop, and better protection of user data than the insecurity of Android apps.

Pre-loaded resources guarantee an extremely fast user experience.

Able to update the resources and interaction mode at any time, through the WeChat universal JSAPI call native interface, to protect the experience at the same time, provides a flexible means of adaptability (Spring Festival Gala program, did not come to the last minute, there may be changes, the sponsor’s placement list and advertising slogan, there may be changes, the red packet program needs to remain flexible means of adaptability).

WeChat small program is here, to learn small program code ah?

2. But if you have a headache with the code, then either the product or operation and other non-programmers are still struggling. Then recommended that the application of this no code base, visual drag and drop small program open tool (IDE) can help which non-programmers to develop small programs. Moreover, the app can generate standard code for the app directly after making the app. You can directly take the generated code to the WeChat developer platform to submit and upload waiting for review.

What is a WeChat app? What is a WeChat app?

A WeChat app is an application that does not need to be downloaded or installed. When a user follows an “app number”, it is equivalent to installing an app, and within the “app number”, the user can realize some of the basic requirements of the app.

The dream of having apps “at your fingertips” has been realized, and users can open apps by scanning or searching for them.

Exemplifying the concept of “use it or leave it”, users don’t have to worry about installing too many apps.

Apps will be available everywhere, all the time, without having to be installed or uninstalled.

Currently, the small program is still in the internal testing stage. After the full opening of applications, developers whose subject type is individuals, enterprises, ****, media or other organizations can apply for registration of small programs. Shenyang Xiliobu Technology Co.

WeChat small program how to develop

The use of tools tutorial:

1, web search small program platform, enter the small program building system, in Figure 1.

2, enter the platform in the upper right corner of the click on the “Register” button, in Figure 2.

3, edit a user name, password, enter the verification and confirm the registration agreement.

4, edit a small program name, enter the verification and confirm the registration agreement. >3, edit a user name, password, enter the verification code and confirm the registration agreement, as Figure 3.

4, edit a small program name, enter the cell phone number and retrieve the password of the mailbox account, as Figure 4.

5, the number of product type selection interface, select the program, as Figure 5.

6, the left side to select the official website or mall. , the left side of the choice of official website or mall, the official website for the display of small program templates. Select the small program template according to the industry, preview the template, click to select and click on the confirmation button, as in Figure 6, Figure 7.

7, click on the head area of the small program template, the pencil icon pops up, go to the editing box to replace the logo, the template logo is a transparent color, please upload the size according to the system prompts, as in Figure 8, Figure 9.

8, mouse click on the home page rotating picture, after the pencil icon pops up, click into the edit box, according to the system prompts the size, replace the picture in Figure 10, Figure 11 and Figure 12.

9, the number of navigation of the small program can be increased or decreased according to the actual demand. If it is a mall-type applet, the navigation classification generally corresponds to the product type, such as Figure 13, Figure 14 and Figure 15.

10, after uploading the product, the mouse clicks on the product plate, the pencil icon pops up and then goes into the editing box, set up the product according to the conditions of the automatic invocation of the function, the function configured, the new product will automatically appear in the corresponding boards. Board, such as Figure 16, Figure 17.

11, after the completion of the home page interface design, click on the left side of the page, add columns button to continue to design other pages, such as displaying small programs commonly used about us, contact us, brand features and other pages, in the process of designing, you can drag and drop the functional plug-ins from the material, modules to the page, such as Figure 18, Figure 19 and Figure 20.

12, to this step of the basic design of the small program is complete, you can communicate with the platform to assist in the configuration of the various types of system interfaces, and submit to Tencent for review and release.

How to write a WeChat small program


1/5 Step-by-Step Reading

1.Get the AppID of the WeChat small program

Log in, you can see the AppID of the WeChat small program in the website’s “Settings”-“Developer Settings”.

After installing the developer tool, open it and log in with WeChat. Select “Project”, fill in the AppID obtained above, set a local project name (not the name of the app), such as “My First Project”, and select a local folder as the code storage directory, click on the “New Project” and you’re done.

Make your own WeChat small program APP+o2o+mall small program mall development



3.Writing code

Creating a small program instance

Click on “Edit” in the left navigation of the developer tool, we can see the project, which has been initialized. can see the project, which has been initialized and contains some simple code files. The most critical and essential ones are app.js, app.json, app.wxss. Among them, the .js suffix is a script file, the .json suffix file is a configuration file, and the .wxss suffix is a stylesheet file. The WeChat applet reads these files and generates the applet instance.

How to make a store applet Weimeng Smart Retail, break through the bottleneck of traditional store marketing



4. Create pages

In this tutorial, we have two pages, the index page and the logs page, which is the welcome page and the page that displays the logs of the startup of the applet, and they are both in the pages directory . The [path + page name] of every page in the WeChat applet needs to be written in the pages of app.json, and the first page in pages is the home page of the applet.


5. Mobile Preview

Select “Project” on the left menu bar of the developer tool, click “Preview”, and then scan the code to experience it in the WeChat client.