What are the common port scanning tools

What tool is nmap

Nmap is a port scanning tool for large networks.

Nmap (NetworkMapper) is designed to scan large networks quickly, but of course it has no problem scanning individual hosts with it.Nmap uses raw IP messages in a novel way to discover hosts on the network, querying hosts for the services they provide (application name and version), querying hosts for the operating system the services are running on (including version information), the type of packet filters/firewalls they use, and querying hosts for services are running (including version information), the type of packet filters/firewalls they use, and a bunch of other features.

While Nmap is typically used for security audits, many system administrators and network administrators also use it for day-to-day tasks such as viewing information about the entire network and managing service upgrade programs.

Nmap Port Scanning Features

While Nmap has become more and more powerful over the years, it also started out as a highly effective port scanner, and that’s still its core functionality, with Nmap, a simple command that scans more than 1,660 TCP ports on a host. Many traditional port scanners only list whether all ports are open or closed; Nmap’s information is much more granular than they are.

It categorizes ports into six states: open open, closed closed, filtered filtered, unfiltered unfiltered, open|filtered open or filtered, or closed, filtered closed or filtered.

These states are not properties of the ports themselves, but rather describe Nmap, where a scan of the same target machine’s port 135, tcp, from the same network shows it to be open, while the exact same scan across the network might show it to be filtered.

Hacker Movies (The Other Side of the Cyber World)

In the world of movies, hacker movies have always been a highly regarded category of movies. The hackers in these movies are always able to use their skills to break through various barriers and accomplish their goals. These movies are not only a kind of entertainment, but also a warning about cyber security problems in the real world. This article will explore the appeal of hacker movies and some of the steps involved.

Common Operations in Hacker Movies

In hacker movies, hackers are often required to perform a variety of operations, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Port Scanning

Port scanning is the first step for hackers to carry out an invasion. Hackers scan the ports of the target host to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited and then attacked. Commonly used port scanning tools include Nmap, AngryIPScanner, and others.

Vulnerability Exploitation

Hackers gain administrator privileges on the system by exploiting vulnerabilities on the target host. Common vulnerabilities include SQL injection, file inclusion, file upload, etc.

Password cracking

Password cracking is another way hackers gain administrator privileges on the target system. Hackers use brute force cracking, dictionary attacks, etc. to crack passwords on the target host. Commonly used password cracking tools include JohntheRipper, Hashcat, etc.

Representative Works of Hacking Movies

Listed below are a few famous hacking movies, which are not only technically sound, but also unique in their storyline and characterization.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a science fiction action movie produced by Warner Bros. The movie tells the story of a resistance group, led by hacker leader Neo, that fights against a human world ruled by robots. In that movie, the hackers use a variety of technical means, including port scanning, vulnerability exploitation, and password cracking, to break through the robots’ defenses and ultimately achieve their goal of rebelling against the robots.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a movie directed by John Waters. The movie tells the story of Nick, a young hacker who, along with a mysterious hacker named Morpheus, enters a virtual reality world to fight robots. In that movie, the hackers use a variety of technical means, including port scanning, vulnerability exploitation, password cracking, etc., to break through the robot’s defenses and ultimately achieve the goal of defeating the robot.

How to scan all the ports opened by a certain computer

Input netstat-an in the command prompt can scan all the ports opened by a certain computer, the specific steps are as follows:

Tools/materials: computer

1, open the computer, right-click on the lower-left corner of the Start, and then click on Run.

2. Inside the input box of Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

3. In the cmd.exe that pops up, type netstat-an and hit enter, so you can see all the open ports on this computer.

What ports can superscan scan

TCP, UDP, IP and ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) ports can be scanned. Using the port scanning tool Superscan to implement port scanning on the LAN machine, to obtain the network of each computer’s port openings, you can thus determine the network of computers in the basic security situation.