What are the features of web application development tools

Component functions of web tools include

The details are as follows.

The function of each tool HTML hypertext, used for the construction of the page framework and the display of content, including layers, paragraphs, tables, forms, etc..

Web (WorldWideWeb) that is, the global wide area network, also known as the World Wide Web, it is a hypertext and HTTP-based, global, dynamic interactive, cross-platform distributed graphical information system. It is a network service built on the Internet, providing a graphical, easy-to-access intuitive interface for viewers to find and browse information on the Internet, in which documents and hyperlinks organize the information nodes on the Internet into an interconnected mesh structure, and the era of Web 1.0 began in 1994. 1989 CERN (European Research Institute for Particle Physics), a project led by the Timberland Institute of Science and Technology (TISP), was founded. CERN (European Institute of Particle Physics) by TimBerners-Lee led the group submitted a new protocol for the Internet and a document system using the protocol, the group will be the new system named WordWideWeb, which aims to enable scientists around the world to use the Internet to exchange their own work documents.

Introduction to common development tools for web development?


SublimeText is a lightweight, simple, efficient, cross-platform editor, convenient color scheme and compatibility with vim shortcuts and other advantages won a lot of front-end developers love!SublimeText2 this programmer must have code editor, almost every programmer mentioned! SublimeText2 programmer’s must-have code editor, almost every programmer mentioned SublimeText2 are full of praise! It is small, no installation, green portable; it can be cross-platform support for Windows/Mac/Linux; support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems, it supports syntax highlighting, code completion, code snippets (Snippet), code folding, line number display, custom skins, color schemes, and all other code editors have features at the same time, but also to ensure that its fast! speed!


PicPick is a free screenshot software, it can capture the full screen or localized screen, and the operation is also very simple, but also has a generally used to the basic image editing, screen ruler, angle, ranging, and screen presentations, such as whiteboard. In the front-end learning and development is very much there.


Git is a free, open source distributed version control system for agile and efficient handling of any small or large project. It is used when managing code.


WampServer is the WindowsApacheMysqlPHP integrated installation environment, i.e., server software for apache, php and mysql under window.


Powerful database management and design tools for Win, Mac and linux. intuitive GUI makes it simple to manage databases from MySQL, MariaDB, SQLServer, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL.


Xshell is a powerful secure terminal emulator that supports SSH1, SSH2, and the TELNET protocol for the MicrosoftWindows platform.


8UFTP client tool, covering all the functions of other FTP tools. 8uftp does not take up memory, small size, multi-threaded, support for online decompression.


SourceTree is a free Git and Hg client management tool for Windows and MacOSX, as well as Mercurial and Subversion version control system tools.

Web front-end development commonly used and a few software (what are the commonly used web front-end development tools)

1, Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit for rapid development of web applications. It is a collection of CSS and HTML, which uses new browser technologies to give you a stylish layout of Web development, forms, buttons, tables, grid systems and so on.

2, Foundation

Foundation is an easy to use , powerful and flexible framework for building Web applications based on any device . Provides a variety of UI components on the Web , such as forms , buttons , Tabs and so on.

3, Cloud9IDE

Cloud9IDE is a Node.JS based on the construction of JavaScript program development WebIDE. it has a very fast text editor , support for JS, HTML, CSS and a mixture of these kinds of code coloring display. cloud9IDE also node. .js and an integrated debugger that can start, pause and stop in the IDE.

4, Notepad

Notepad is a very distinctive editor, is open source software, can be used for free. We developers are essential. Supported languages:C,C,Java,C#,XML,HTML,PHP,Javascript!


It is a run on OSX, Windows and Linux on top of the cross-platform editor for writing modern web and cloud applications.


GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program (). Includes almost all the functions required for image processing, known as PhotoShop under Linux.GIMP in the launch of the Linux system has taken the circle of drawing enthusiasts by storm.


is a great gift from Twitter to Web developers, as a Web security development tools, can automatically implement security-related HEADER rules, including content security policy (CSP), to prevent attacks such as XSS, HSTS, to prevent fire sheep (Firesheep) attacks and XFO click hijacking.

8, Fontello

Fontello is an icon font generator. This tool allows users to put these icons web fonts into their own projects. The main features are as follows: shrink the collection of glyphs and reduce the font size; merge some font markers into a single file; access to a large number of professional-grade open source icons.

What are the web development tools please

1.Web application frameworks

These software are specially designed to help in web development and make the process of creating a website for web development easier. The software fully supports Web services, Web resources and Web

APIs.These frameworks automate some of the processes associated with common activities in Web development, thus making the work of Web developers easier. Available Web development frameworks include ASP.NET, JavaEE, WebObjects, web2py, OpenACS, and others.

2. Collaboration tools

For teams working remotely, there is a need to stay in touch and collaborate at all times. In order to improve development efficiency and help developers working on the same project streamline the development process to achieve the team’s set goals, there are many collaboration tools that have emerged in the market such as Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira, and so on.

3. Local Development Environment

A quick local development environment can be launched depending on the operating system or the computer you are using. There is a wide variety of free software, software Apache, MySQL and others packaged together. This is one of the fastest ways to test on a local computer, and some programs come out in portable versions for ease of use. Local development environments include MAMP, LARAGAN, XAMPP and Vagrant.

4. Front-end frameworks

Front-end frameworks are basically files and folders such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front-end frameworks usually contain prepared components, most of the components can be modified and adjusted, developers can choose to use according to their own development needs, the most common front-end framework is Bootstrap.

5. Icons

Icons are very important to Web developers, especially front-end developers, they are an important part of Web development. important part of web development. All of the icons in the image above can be used in your project, and most of them are free.

6. Website speed testing tools

Website speed is an important factor in determining the success of a website. Nowadays, users are getting more and more picky, people tend to prefer websites that load fast, and there is almost zero tolerance for websites that load slowly. Also, good SEO may lead to higher conversion rates and better user experience.Web developers can use tools to test the speed of their sites to ensure that their sites can have short loading times.

7. Text Comparison Checker

Diffcheckers can help you compare the differences between files and then merge the changes to help us see the differences between the text more visually.

8. Databases

Databases are basically a collection of information that has been stored, which can be retrieved, managed and even updated.Commonly used databases by web developers are MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, etc.


9. Web Development Newsletters

Why newsletter subscriptions are chosen is because developers can utilize these tools to save time and refinement through which they can choose the best web development and performance topics without having to do it themselves.

10. Task Batch Tool/Package Manager

The task batch tool helps automate the workflow. For example, if you create a task, you can automate the workflow with a tool written in JavaScript. In addition to this, you can create and combine new tasks and use the task manager to shorten the development time and speed up the development rate.

On the other hand, package managers are also important to keep track of all the software and make sure that they are updated to the latest version with the most powerful features. These tools include Grunt, Gulp, npm, etc.

11. Text and code editors

Text and code editors not only provide developers with a great code experience, but also save a lot of time in website development. The more commonly used editors are Atom, Notepad, Vim and so on. Previously, I also posted programmers vote for the best code editor, interested friends can poke in to see.

12. Inspiration

For many types of work, inspiration is extremely important, but inspiration is unavoidable, so once the inspiration must be recorded in time. In addition to our own bursts of inspiration, we can also distill new inspiration from the work of others. Common tools for recording inspiration are CodePen

and Dribble.

13. Programming Languages

Every web development tool has a programming language. Programming languages are designed to bridge the gap between developers or programmers and computers and help programmers create the programs we use every day. Some of the more popular programming languages include PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, etc.

14. Code Sharing/Experimentation Tools

Basically the job of programming is a teamwork where the team has to maintain a close and collaborative relationship with each other and checking each other’s code helps to program more efficiently. Code sharing is a way that programmers are using nowadays, and common ones are Slack.

15. Git hosting

Git is a free, open source, distributed version control system that efficiently manages various versions of small and large projects, and can help developer teams avoid chaos.

What are the common web programming development tools?

Common web programming development tools are:

PHP, ASP, JSP, Asp.net

ASP (ActiveServerPages) Microsoft’s scripting language, which can be used to execute dynamic web service applications. Execution of the time, is called by the IIS program engine, interpretation and execution of embedded in the HTML ASP code, and ultimately the results and the original HTML sent to the client.ASP syntax is very similar to VisualBASIC, people who have learned VB can quickly get started, ASP is also the most simple and easy to learn in these scripting language development language. Because the ASP scripting language is very simple, so its code is also simple and easy to understand, combined with HTML code, you can quickly complete the website application. But ASP also has great disadvantages, because it is running on the WINDOWS platform, can not run cross-platform, there are many of its own shortcomings, the most important is security. In large-scale project development and maintenance is very difficult.

But in the domestic exceptionally popular, because most of the domestic use is a pirated version of Windows and pirated version of SQLServer.


PHP is based on the preprocessing of HTML page model of a scripting language. It borrows heavily from the syntax of the C and Perl languages and incorporates PHP’s own features to enable Web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. It can be used to manage dynamic content, support databases, handle session tracking, and even build entire e-commerce sites. It supports many popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and MicrosoftSQLServer. PHP itself is designed to handle hypertext html, and it is precisely because it was designed specifically for Web-based problems and because it is open source leading to much greater extensibility that it is very widely used. It is also open source, which makes it much more extensible, so it is very widely used.

PHP development today, with a lot of advantages, development speed, running speed, security are better! The cost-effective ah!


JSP (full name JavaServerPages) is a Sun company launched a network programming language. JSP technology is the Java language as a scripting language, more difficult to learn.) . Formally JSP and ASP or PHP look similar – both can be embedded in HTML code.

JSP can be used for large-scale application services. JSP is loaded in response to the first request, and once loaded, it is in an executed state. For other subsequent user requests, it does not open the process, but opens a thread (Thread) and sends the result to the client. This reduces the burden on the server since threads can share resources with each other by spawning their own ParentThread.

Also JSP is based on Java, the biggest advantage of the Java language – platform-independent, that is, the so-called “write once, run anywhere (WORA-WriteOnce, RunAnywhere)”. RunAnywhere)”.

In addition, the efficiency of JSP and security is quite amazing. Configuration and deployment relative to other scripting languages to be more complex, so the current domestic application is not widely used, but for cross-platform medium and large-scale enterprise applications (such as banking and financial institutions), based on JAVA technology MVC architecture has become almost the only choice, the future is unlimited.


ASP’s latest version of ASP.NET is not entirely backward compatible with earlier versions of ASP, because the software has been completely rewritten. Language flexibility , you can use scripting languages (such as VBscript, Jscript, Perlscript and Python) as well as compiled languages (such as VB, C#, C, Cobol, Smalltalk and Lisp); and support for complex object-oriented features . And it’s supported by a good development environment.

Efficiency, ASP.NET is a compiled programming framework , running is a compiled public language runtime library code on the server , you can take advantage of the early binding , the implementation of compilation to improve efficiency.

Simplicity, .NET visual programming, providing component-based, event-driven programmable web forms, greatly simplifies programming. Some very common tasks such as form submission client authentication, distribution systems and site configuration becomes very simple. For example, the ASP.net page architecture allows you to build your own user sub-surfaces.

Looks very promising, may JSP can be a fight, just started, the current application is not high!

JAVA by Sun, an object-oriented programming language from the development of C++. JS=JAVASCRIPT is a total page scripting language, and java has nothing to do with the syntax is similar to the previous livescript transformation, in order to dare to fashion changed to javacriptJSP full name JAVASERVERPAGE, JAVA enterprise application of a dynamic technology ASP full name activeserverpage is also a dynamic page technology using VB language ASP.NET is a dynamic page technology under the Microsoft .net platform, more than the use of C# language structured program design: so that the program has a reasonable structure to ensure and verify the correctness of the program. correctness. This approach requires programmers can not write programs at will, but in accordance with a certain structural form to design and write the program. One of its important purposes is to make the program have a good structure, so that the program is easy to design, easy to understand, easy to debug and modify, in order to improve the efficiency of the work of designing and maintaining the program. Task-oriented programming: my understanding of object-based design, no inheritance and polymorphism, wrong please correct, do not scold, heh! object-oriented programming:http://ke..com/view/125370.htm

java is an object-oriented programming language, js is javascript is java script, jsp is javaserverpage, asp is activeserverpage