What does it mean to draw a source file

What is the source file screenshot of the artist’s work

PSD. The source file means the various formats in the first picture posted by the subject, the source file screenshot of the artist’s work is a PSD, and the store will modify part of the content for printing itself after getting this format.

What is a source file?

A source file is an original resource file or group of files that can be changed. If you’re doing graphic design, then a source file is a PSD file, and the person should want to be able to modify the final product directly by modifying the layers in the PSD. If you provide a JPG or other image file that doesn’t support layers, the other party won’t be able to change it – at least not easily.

Similarly, music, software, programs, and even games are created with source files. For example, in the case of music, the source files may be recorded vocals, ambient sounds, soundtracks, orchestrations, and so on, and the staff can modify the music at will with these resources. But once the final result is generated in MP3 format, the file is an immutable non-source file.

It is clear from this that source files are more accurately understood as “resource files”.

However, if you have not been paid in full, you are advised not to submit your source files easily, or you may lose your money.