What does it mean to have an Apple developer account on the shelf?

What does it mean to have an app on the shelf?

AppStore is Apple’s only official app store, generally speaking ios users can’t bypass AppStore to download apps.

The ios developer submits the app to Apple for review and approval, and the app is then listed on the AppStore. ios users can then search for and download the app directly from the AppStore. Apple’s audit is strict, for those who can not shelves of the application can be through the Apple enterprise signature or shelves of the TF way directly to the application will be distributed to the user to download.

Apple Signature can be found on the Ohio platform.

Apple developer account (iOS developer account) specifically what is the role

Developer account is, the developer development process for the real machine debugging, certificate signing, upload the application to the AppStore to use the account.

First of all, enter the official website of the developer, http://developer.apple.com, all English website, it is okay to follow the steps step by step operation can be.

In the home page scroll down to the bottom, find iOSDeveloperProgram this option, if you do not like the English, by the way, the web page text will be changed to Chinese display.

Go to the developer registration page and click Register Now.

Enter the registration process page, mainly to tell you how to fill in the back of the options, you can not read, click continue button.

Select your developer account type, we pick personal, click on the bottom left corner of the page Indivial can be.

Enter your appleID account and password, and click the signin login button.

What is the process of Apps on Apple Store

Introduces the process of Apple AppStore to shelve apps.

1. Register for an Apple Developer Account

Before putting apps on the shelf, developers need to register for an Apple Developer Account. The registration process requires personal information and credit card information in order to pay the annual fee for the Apple Developer Program. After successful registration, developers can log in to the Apple Developer Center to perform app development and shelf operations.

2. Creating an AppID and Certificate

Before developing an app, developers need to create an AppID in the Apple Developer Center, which serves as a unique identifier to distinguish between different apps. At the same time, developers also need to create a certificate to ensure that the app can be properly signed and published. Creating a certificate requires the KeychainAccess tool, as well as a CSR file provided by the Developer Center.

3. Developing the app

After registering and creating the AppID and certificate, developers can start developing their app. The development process requires the use of Xcode development tools and iOSSDK, as well as a variety of development libraries and APIs. after the completion of the development process, the application needs to be tested and debugged to ensure the quality and stability of the application.

4. Submitting the app

After completing the app development and testing, developers need to submit the app to the Apple AppStore for review and listing. To submit an application, you need to use the ApplicationLoader or Xcode tool, and you need to provide metadata and screenshots of the application, as well as the application’s binary file.

5. Reviewing the app

After submitting an app, Apple will review the app to ensure that it meets Apple’s review standards and policies for Google Play apps. During the review process, Apple may check and test the app’s functionality, content, interface, and performance, and may ask the developer to make changes and adjustments. The review usually takes about 1-2 weeks.

6. Shelving the app

Once the app passes the review, Apple will shelve the app in the AppStore for users to download and use. Developers can view the app’s downloads, reviews, earnings, and other information in iTunesConnect, and manage and update the app.