What is a good name for a small program development tool

What are the small program development tools

One, WeChat small program official development tools

Note that it is only a tool, not an IDE. official tools in the code editing function, that is, vscode’s code editing function embedded into the tool, is not enough to support the development. [Click to see the bottom price of small program development]

Two, that is, the application

That is, the application is an early start, more use, more mature platform. Probably it is richer, so you can see their ads everywhere, and sometimes when I enter words in Baidu that are not related to small programs, the ads of Instant Apps will pop up. It’s easy to draw interfaces on Instant Apps, and you don’t really need code skills. From the component interface, there are still many choices for users, but the templates are quite solid and can’t be customized too much. Some components are VIP and SVIP level users can only use, that is, to charge.

Three, SublimeText3

sublimetext3 is located in the code editor rather than IDE, in the code prompts can only be considered average, but wins in the use of a very convenient.

Four, WebStorm

WebStorm online there is a plug-in, you can realize the code prompts, can not do debugging and preview.

What are the general app development tools

The first: Dingdone: the first time I saw Dingdone APP development platform, is through the “a Krypton” list of recommendations, used for a period of time, I feel good, in addition to the design is exquisite, it is also rich in the variety of applications, interactive features perfect, the most critical is that can be modified elements enough to be more in line with their slogan

The second: Epub360: If the design elements are strong, then Epub360 is certainly stronger.

Second: Epub360: If Tinkerbell’s design elements are strong, Epub360 is undoubtedly even stronger, just like its positioning: an interactive design tool for professional designers.

The third: Appypie: This is by far the most versatile development tool I’ve ever used, because this development tool can not only do general apps, but also games. Not only can you make games, but you can also integrate in-payment features!

The fourth: AppsBuilder: this app development platform is also a I used to feel more cost-effective, it can support cross-platform operation, can provide users with convenient and fast application programs and good compatibility.

What are the tools to develop WeChat small program

The current application number of the development tool is actually the development tool for WeChat small program, like the micro-page of the instant application platform, easy to operate, full-featured, very suitable for small and beautiful small program development with.

1, first of all, you have to download the official WeChat WeChat Web developer tools. Open the WeChat public platform, find the small program module in the lower right, click the “development” button;

2, click the top navigation bar “tools” button, in the left column of the new page to find “download”. As you can see, the development tool provides three versions for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and Mac. You can choose the appropriate development tools for your computer according to the actual situation.

3. Once installed, you can launch Developer Tools directly. If it is the first time to start the developer tool, you need to use the developer’s micro-signal to scan the code to log in. After logging in, click the “Add Project” button, fill in the AppID (if you don’t have one, click No AppID) and the project name. Next, click “Select” in the project directory to create a new folder as the new project directory. Then click “Add Project” again to create a new WeChat applet project.

4. WeChat developer tools are divided into three parts: “Edit”, “Debug” and “Project”.

Edit: Edit and modify the code of the small program.

Debugging: shows the code errors and warnings of the applet, which makes it easy to debug the code errors.

Project: for viewing the properties of the applet, modifying the applet configuration, and submitting the applet code to the WeChat server.

The development tool also provides a simple simulator (left side of the page), developers can use the simulator to simulate the user clicks and use on the computer, providing background situation simulation, multimedia player debugging, cache data processing and other functions.

What are the development tools for WeChat small program?

The Chopsticks mini-program development tool uses a private deployment of the backend, data, code, traffic, branding completely their own, the same can be dragged to design the mini-program. That is, to meet the development of the simple, but also to meet the strong ability to expand, the market is a thousand times the biggest problem of the current small program.

E-commerce small program what are the better developed platform

Third-party WeChat small program development tools. Like Yuzan, got to have store, are currently more well-known development tools.

Youzan to micro-mall-based, industry-specific, composed of different sections. But the price is relatively more expensive, more than 6,000 to 20,000 ranging, and to the generated small program bottom will be forced to put a big Yuzan logo, in terms of price and in this regard for small merchants is very unfriendly.

Get to have store is also the industry’s good reputation for small program development tools, designed for small and medium-sized merchants to build, foolproof operation, very simple. The first thing you can do is to choose a template that you want to use, or you can create your own page, and you can use the free drag-and-drop design to make it easy to use and easy to operate.

Not only does it support articles, pictures, forms, advertisements, videos and other material information, but it also provides online and offline marketing activities such as seconds, coupons, group buys, full reductions, group tours, bargains and so on;

Of course, compared to other platforms and compared to the price of the same industry, the price of the store is the peer of the lower, the threshold is low, do not need to have a business license certificate, you can create a store by just registering! The basic e-commerce mini-program is only more than three thousand a year, micro-mall permanently free of charge.

Got to have store using the new cloud computing Saaa software service provider, the merchant’s capital security and background data memory security are cloud data storage safe and reliable.

So, if you use this template type of small program tools, you do not need to download WeChat small program development tools, directly online can do a good job. It can be said that the newbie gospel.