What is the future of web front-end development?

What is the prospect of web front-end development

With the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of Internet projects continue to rise so that the players in which the user experience puts forward higher requirements, front-end development has also gradually become an indispensable professional research and development roles, the employment outlook is more and more optimistic.

Web front-end development prospects

1, from our work and life considerations, the Internet industry is undoubtedly one of the best prospects for development of one of the industries, web front-end as the Internet + era, the user experience is the king of the controller, the prospects for development is naturally very good.

3, with the enterprise for web front-end developers more and more attention, web front-end job demand also showed a stepwise rise, front-end development engineer salary treatment average salary has exceeded fifteen thousand, the future demand is huge, the prospect of a great deal of good.

web front-end engineer salary

1, web front-end engineers in the initial 6,000-8,000 yuan / month;

2, work 1-2 years will usually become a web front-end senior software engineers, the annual salary can reach more than 150,000;

3, work 3-5 years can usually become a front-end web technology director or manager, the annual salary between 15-500,000 yuan. The annual salary is between 150,000-500,000;

4, after working for more than 5 years, usually can become the technical director or product manager of the internet company, the annual salary will be between 500,000-1 million.

In the talent gap continues to increase under the impetus of the web developer’s salary is also rising. And with the accumulation of years of work, the salary also shows a stepwise increase.

Is there a future in doing Web front-end development?

Overall, the future of the front-end is quite bright, the mobile Internet is continuing to develop, the front-end development technology is also progressing, the front-end application market is becoming more and more extensive.

Front-end is now moving towards the development of engineering, both large and small companies and enterprises, the demand for front-end development is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more professional, with the continuous development of the front-end, the emergence of mobile applications, small programs, H5 games and other brand-new products, the front-end development application scenarios continue to expand.

In the future, the Internet there is still too much work to be done by the front-end, H5 may replace flash, complex applications, slowly evolving from desktop programs to the Web,? APP with a lot of native APP features become the new trend of the Internet.

However, the future is also for the high-end people. There is no prospect for the lowest end people in an industry. Times are changing and evolving, others are making progress, and your stagnation is tantamount to going backwards, and you will eventually be eliminated from the market.

To summarize, the front-end has a bright future, but not for everyone.

web front-end development prospects

1, high demand

Because of the continuous development of the Internet, enterprises are in the transformation of the Internet industry, all types of Internet enterprises web page producers to the direction of the development of the web front-end, the demand for talent is large, so the enterprise required web front-end developers in the market in the state of demand exceeds supply.

2, simple and easy to learn

web front-end development can be said to be the simplest of all programming languages, web front-end for logical thinking ability needs than java low, on the computer and the Internet of Things knowledge than embedded low. So compared to other programming languages, front-end development is relatively low for change-of-career and zero-basic students to learn.

As long as you want to enter the web front-end industry, correct learning attitude, patience, even if zero foundation, you can easily learn web front-end. Of course, for front-end developers, it’s best to know a little bit about design if you want to design eye-catching pages.

3, high salary prospects

web front-end development engineers are also synonymous with high salaries, according to a job site data show that the second-tier city of Suzhou, for example, the average salary is 9,680, with the increase in the number of years of work wages are also rising.