What is the routing setup username and password

What is the login username and password for the router?

Wireless router default gateway login account password and IP address is usually on the back of the router nameplate.

1. If the nameplate is not there you can try the router default gateway account admin, password admin, IP address or

2. Default gateway account password is extremely insecure, and it is recommended that the user change it after configuring the router.

Changing the router’s gateway administrator password:

1. Turn on your computer’s wifi, search for the router’s default wifi name (which is written on the nameplate on the back of the router), and connect to the wifi network.

2. Open your computer’s browser, enter the gateway ip address of the nameplate on the back of the router (usually, and enter the router account password, which is usually written on the nameplate on the back of the router.

3. Enter the gateway configuration interface.

4. Enter the password change interface in System Tools. You can change the gateway administrator password.

Which is the account number and which is the password behind the router?

As shown in the picture above:

1. Username: admin is the account number;

2. Password: admin is the password.

1, the router (Router), is connected to the Internet in the various local area networks, wide area networks of equipment, it will be based on the channel automatically select and set the route to the best path, in order to send signals in the order of before and after.

2. Router is the hub of the interconnected Internet, “traffic police”.

3, the role of the router function: connecting different networks, information transmission.

What is the router username and password

The default router login username and password is usually the account number and password labeled on the label attached to the router, i.e., account number admin, password admin.

The router is a hardware device that connects two or more networks, acting as a gateway between the networks, and is a special intelligent network device that reads the address in each packet and then decides how to transmitted. It is a network device with specialized intelligence. It is able to understand different protocols, such as the Ethernet protocol used by a particular LAN and the TCP/IP protocol used by the Internet. In this way, a router can analyze the destination addresses of packets coming from different types of networks, convert the addresses of non-TCP/IP networks into TCP/IP addresses or vice versa, and then deliver the packets to the specified locations according to the selected routing algorithms in an optimal route. So a router can connect a non-TCP/IP network to the Internet. A router can also be called a gateway device. Router is in the OSI/RM to complete the network layer relay as well as the third layer relay task, the packets between different networks to store, packet forwarding processing, its main is in different logical separate networks. And data transmission in one subnet to another subnet can be processed through the routing function of the router.

Question 1: What is the router username and login password default is admin. some combination of root and admin

Question 2: What is the initial account password of the general router ah? The username and password are the same:admin

Generally the label on the back of the router are written

Question 3: What is the username and password of the wireless routerWireless router involves a total of 3 usernames and passwords

1, the router’s management login account password, generally on the bottom of the device, or admin

2, WAN port dial-up access to the Internet, account password, provided by the telecom operator 3, wifi login SSID name and password, set up by yourself.

Question 4: What is the router login account and password, the general account password is admin, there are also routes Default building owners are not the right password to reset your router, router on the supply of reset button

Question 5: What is the name and password of the router each brand of router username and password are different! I found it for you below (it’s a lot of work! , find your own brand.100 points to me! Happy New Year!

Emma 701g

Username: admin Password: admin

Username: SZIM Password: SZIM

Emma 701H 0.2

Username: admin Password: epicrouter


Username: user Password: password

Username: root Password: grouter

Digital China/Asus:

Username: adsl Password: adsl1234

All Direction:

Username: root Password: root


Username: admin Password: dare


Username:admin Password. 12345


Username:anonymous Password:1234


Username:anonymous Password:12345


Username:admin Password:admin


Username: admin Password: 1234


Username: root Password: root

Username: user Password: user


Username: adsl Password: adsl831

Omnidirectional QL1680

IP address

Username: admin, password: qxm1680

Admin password: qxmsupport.

Omni-directional QL1880

IP address

Username: root, password: root

1, omni-directional QL1688IP address, username admin; password qxm1688

2, TP-LINKTD-8800 in the IE enter, username admin, password admin

3, Hopscotch zyxel642 in the run enter telnet192.168.1.1 password1234

4, EED-802EG in the IE enter, user name and password are root

5, Digital China 6010RA, in the IE enter user name ADSL, password ADSL1234

6, Huawei SmartAXMT800’s initial IP is, user name and password are ADMIN, there are two ways to restore the default configuration

, one is to press the RESET button on the back of the MODEM three times in a row, and the other is to select the SAVE&REBOOT

in the configuration menu to Restore Default Configuration.

7, Itech: IP: username: supervisor password: 12345

8, ASUS IP: username: adsl password: adsl1234

9, Alcatel generally do not have a password

10、Tongwei DSL699E192.168.1.1 username: ROOT password: ROOT

11、Daia DB102192.168.1.1 username: admin password: dare Advanced Settings


12、WST. RT1080192.168.0.1username:rootpassword:root

13, WST’s ART18CX10.0.0.2username:adminpassword:conexantusername:user


14, SITA V3.2rootrootV5.4ro…… >>

Question 6: What is the general username and password for a wireless router root





Question 7: What is the username and password for the wireless router settings? This is to enter the router inside the settings of the user name and password, the general router default is:

Username: admin

Password: adminIf your wireless router has changed the user name and password before, and do not remember, then you can look for a “reset” on the wireless router “hole in the wireless router, in the power state, with a pointed thing to press a few seconds, and then you can initialize the wireless router, the user name and password back to the default.

Question 8: What are the username and password for the router? I had to try slowly, the most common ones are



Emma 701g

Username: admin Password: admin

username: szim password: szim

Emma 701H

username: admin password: epicrouter


Username: user Password: password

Username: root Password: grouter

Digital China/Asus:

Username: adsl Password: adsl1234


Username: root Password: root


Username: admin Password: dare


Username: admin Password: 12345


Username: anonymous Password: 1234


Username: anonymous Password. 12345


Username:admin Password:admin


Username:admin Password:1234


Username:root Password:root

Username:user Password:user


Username: adsl Password: adsl831

Route brand name: viking

Account: adsl Password: adsl1234

Account: root Password: grouter

Route brand name: mt800

Account: admin Password: admin

Route brand name: homegateway

Account: user Password: password

Account: admin Password: epicrouter

Question 9: Urgent! What is the default account number and password of D-Link Infinite Router for the D- Link username and password are generally as follows:

Username admin (lowercase)

Password (empty)

Question 10: What is the WIFI router’s administrative account and password? Initially usually both are admin.