What is the username and password for campus broadband?

What is the username and password for the campus network?

How to change the password of the campus network is as follows:

1. Enter the login page of the campus network. The first thing you need to do is to enter the login page of the campus network, which usually involves typing the school’s URL into your browser and finding the login portal of the campus network.

2. Enter the password change page. On the login page, you will find the password change portal, which is usually the “Forgot Password” or “Change Password” button, and then click on it to enter the password change page.

3. Enter your account information. In the password change page, you need to enter your account information, including student number, work number, etc., as well as related verification information, such as verification code, SMS verification code, etc..

4. Set new password. After entering the account information, you need to set a new password, which is usually required to contain numbers, letters, symbols, etc., and be no less than 6 digits long.

5. Submit changes. After setting a new password, you need to submit the changes, usually by clicking the “Confirm” or “Submit” button, and then wait for the system to prompt the password change successfully.

Campus network features:

1, high-speed LAN connection – the core of the campus network for the internal campus network for teachers and students, so the campus LAN is the focus of the construction of the system, and the network contains a large amount of information in the multimedia information, so the large-capacity, high-speed rate of data transmission is a basic requirement of the network.

2. Diversified information structure – campus network applications are divided into three major components: e-learning, office management and remote communication. Data types are complex, and different types of data have different quality requirements for network transmission.

3, safe and reliable – campus network also has a large number of important data on teaching and file management, whether damaged, lost or stolen, will bring great losses.

4, easy to operate, easy to manage – campus network area, access to the complexity of the network maintenance must be convenient and fast, strong equipment network management, convenient network troubleshooting.

5, authentication billing – the school of students online must be effective control and billing strategy to ensure network utilization.

What is the account password of the campus network Flash

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The vast majority of colleges and universities in Zhejiang are the use of telecom Flash Internet access, in the process of using Flash will encounter many problems, quite a headache.

Flash public account to connect to 114schol campus network hall Flash public account name: chinanet@xy or xy@xy, password: 123456. broadband connection to enter the public account name and password to log in, you can access 114schol campus network hall. You can log in to your Flash account at 114schol Campus Webstore to recharge your account, renew your subscription, and download Flash and other software.

The Flash account login prompts that the username or password is incorrect. First, please make sure that the Flash account number or password is entered correctly; if it is entered correctly and you are still unable to log in, it may be due to the password being changed or the account being stolen.

Flash accounts username recovery please consult the 10000 number or go to the business hall to provide your ID card.

Flash accounts password recovery 1. please go to 114schol campus network hall click on the password recovery function to retrieve the password 2. please call the 10000 number to retrieve the password 3. choose the nearest business hall for password retrieval 4. use the bundled telecom cell phone to install the flash password obtaining client to get a new password

Flash can not be logged on, the error is 6911. check the package is not expired; If it has expired, please renew the package. 2. whether the user name and password are entered incorrectly, pay attention to the case and suffix of the account; to reset the password you can log on to the 114schol Campus Network Hall. 3. there is an error in the Flash client program, please re-download the client and turn off the antivirus software and firewalls, and then re-installed. 4. whether someone else is logging in with the account. 5. antivirus software or firewalls may be defaulted to non-trusted software. for non-trusted software, please set it as trusted software.

Error 619, flash reset can not log in, please confirm whether it is occupied or stolen, reset the password default 123456, if you still can not log in, please consult the 10000 number.

Flash not able to connect, error 629 check if you have subscribed to the package, if not subscribed to the package, please subscribe first. If you have subscribed to the package, please subscribe first. If you have subscribed and still can’t connect, please consult the 10000 number.