What is the website to create a desktop shortcut

How to add webpage to desktop shortcut

Press “Ctrl+S” to save the current webpage directly in the browsed webpage, and customize the path.

Press win+d key combination to realize fast switch to desktop. Move your mouse to the rightmost part of the taskbar and click on it to display the desktop.

Switch to the desktop by right-clicking on a blank space in the taskbar and selecting Show Desktop.

A desktop shortcut is a quick way provided by Windows to launch a program and open a file or folder. He is a quick connection for applications.

Icons all have a very small arrow in the lower left corner of the icon, this arrow is used to indicate that the icon is a shortcut.

How to create a shortcut to a web page

Question 1: How to create a shortcut to a web page on the desktop 1, first of all, open the web page you want to create a shortcut to, open the point File → Send → Desktop Shortcut can be.

2, first add the page to your favorites, and then go to your favorites to find the page and click the right mouse button on the page, send → desktop shortcut can be.

There are many ways to do this, so try it yourself.

Question 2: How do I set a web page as a desktop shortcut? Enter the site you want, there is a favorite mutual click, and then click Add to Favorites, press after the favorites in the site, you drag it to the desktop on it

Question 3: How to set a web page shortcut to get to the desktop to go to the first to add the site to the favorites, this should be it, that is, you want to save the web page, there is a web page in the top of a yellow five-pointed star, you point, the left side of the computer will come out a slip, the top one is to add, one is to organize, you point to add on it, then it will appear below, and then use the mouse to select him, point the right button – send – to the desktop shortcut, done!

Question 4: How do I create a desktop shortcut to the current web page?

Question 5: Does anyone know how to create a shortcut to a web page in Baidu Browser? Thank you very much for your suggestion, we’ve already recorded your valuable suggestions, and we’ll continue to improve it according to the user feedback and market demand, and thank you once again for your attention and support of our products.

You can set the web page you want to open at startup.

Question 6: How do you add a desktop shortcut to a web page you want, then click File->Save As and then Wrecker to your desktop

(Note: If your IE can’t find the file, press alt and you’ll see it)

This method should be common to all browsers

This method should be common to all browsers

This method should be common to all browsers

This method should be common to all browsers. p>Question 7: How to create a shortcut to the Web site to open IE and then select “File” in the point “send” in the choice of “desktop shortcut” on it.

Question 8: How to create a shortcut to the web page first Taobao open, and then in the browser on the menu bar click File → Send → Desktop Shortcut and then the desktop at the Taobao shortcut.

Question 9: How do I create a shortcut to a web page to open a specific web page in a non-default way. 70 points This is simple, right-click on the desktop – New – Shortcut, and then type in the following:

C:\ProgramFiles\InternetExplorer\IEXPLORE.EXE Specify the path of the web page

The above “Specify the path of the web page” will be replaced with a wow you want to open the web page of the URL of the Internet Explorer, and the previous path of the Internet Explorer in the middle of the key to type a space.

After clicking on this shortcut, you will be able to open the specified web page with IE.

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