What is the WeChat Public Platform Developer Platform

What is WeChat’s open platform?

Question 1: What does the open platform of WeChat do jingyan./album/f79b7cb35d6b409144023ed4

Question 2: What’s the use of the developer center on top of the WeChat public platform? The developer center can actually interface with the WeChat third-party platform interface, and then you can realize some of the functions that WeChat itself does not have, WeChat third-party platforms are 58 beckoning cat, micro box, etc.;

Question 3: What is the use of the WeChat public platform and the . Open Platform? What is the difference? The public platform is more in favor of basic use, and the open platform is more in favor of application and development.

The open platform analytics are more powerful than the public platform, and the barrier to entry is high, at least not everyone can apply at the moment.

Question 4: How to submit a mobile application for review on the WeChat Open Platform The fee is 300 yuan, and the certification is valid for one year.1. What is the WeChat Open Platform Developer Qualification Certification? WeChat open platform developer qualification certification is for WeChat open platform developers to provide authenticity certification, can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and users. After the developer qualification certification is passed, the applications submitted under the developer account will obtain advanced capabilities such as intelligent interfaces. For example, after a developer registers for an account on the WeChat open platform, he or she can submit a mobile application that he or she has developed, and after passing the audit, the application will have access to basic capabilities such as WeChat sharing and favorites, and after applying for developer qualification certification, all the mobile applications under the account will automatically have access to intelligent interface permissions. For example, if a karaoke app obtains this certification, it can provide voice recognition function to users through the intelligent interface. 2. How to carry out developer certification? Log in to the WeChat Open Platform website, enter the “Account Center-> Developer Qualification Certification” page, click Apply, select the corresponding qualification subject type, and submit the organization name, organization code, operator identity information and other related materials.3. What is the difference between the WeChat Open Platform Developer Qualification Certification and WeChat Certification? Developer qualification certification is launched for WeChat open platform developers, aiming to provide developers with safer and stricter authenticity certification. The audit fee is 300 yuan, the certification is valid for one year, the last two months of the validity period can apply for an annual review can be renewed. WeChat Certification is a certification service currently provided by the WeChat public platform to WeChat public service numbers in order to ensure the authenticity and security of the information of the public account.4. What is the WeChat Intelligent Interface? WeChat Intelligent Interface is an intelligent pattern recognition interface introduced by WeChat Open Platform for developers. It currently includes an image recognition interface, a speech recognition interface and a speech synthesis interface. Through the WeChat Intelligent Interface, third-party developers can integrate WeChat’s image and speech recognition capabilities into their own applications, enabling the applications to have the ability to recognize mobile visual searches, online speech recognition, online speech synthesis, read aloud text and other functions. Thus providing users with richer mobile Internet services. Currently, WeChat Intelligent Interface only supports mobile application development. 5. How do developers get access to WeChat Intelligent Interface? After a developer passes the developer qualification certification on the WeChat Open Platform, all mobile applications under his/her account will automatically have the smart interface privileges without the need to apply for them separately.

Question 5: What does it mean to be a developer on the WeChat public platformWeChat’s official module has a relatively single function! Tencent opened the interface to allow third parties to operate the building! The so-called third party is the developer! Or called programmers, programmers

Question 7: What is the connection between WeChat Public and WeChat Open Platform? Also, what is the mobile app for WeChat Open Platform for? The WeChat Open Platform is dependent on the WeChat Public Platform. The WeChat Open Platform is simply a place for other businesses to advertise, like Wanda’s WeChat public number, and the stores in it are the WeChat Open Platform, which other businesses can market on. The mobile apps on the WeChat open platform are the back-end platform for those who want to advertise on the WeChat open platform, which is equivalent to the management of the stores rented out by Wanda.

Question 8: What are the functions of WeChat public platform development? Although I’m not very clear, but I helped you find out oh~~

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Question 9: What is the WeChat open interface WeChat public platform mass open interface, certified service number can apply, the annual fee is 300 yuan per account. WeChat fully open interface, may be the most concerned about or WeChat in the end open what interface? In this article, we will take stock of what WeChat in the end there are interfaces, as well as their respective usefulness:

1, WeChat security payment interface

WeChat security payment is still not completely open, the reason is very simple – micro-payment audit is completed by the paypal, but also inside the audit process is very complex, you need a business license, tax registration certificate and other documents. Need business license, tax registration certificate, basic account, bank settlement certificate and other materials, so this interface needs to apply separately.

2, active push interface

Active push interface, also known as the message downstream interface, push interface, WeChat has been very focused on the user experience, the push interface has been very cautious, there is only a mega brand customers can apply to, very few companies can apply to.

3, authorization interface

Authorization interface for the general business may not be attractive, but for third-party developers is a very good news, open authorization interface, not only can get the user’s micro-signal, but also can get the user’s name, address, this is for the membership system, the shopping mall is very favorable.

4, a key to focus on the interface

You can click on a link or button on the page, jump to the public attention page, click on the attention to become a fan of the public number, this interface has been open before, and then because of the Mushroom Street and other applications in the page set up to pay attention to the only other operations, resulting in a moment of fans soared, WeChat has also its blocking.

5, a key to share the interface

You can directly click on the page to share the button, equivalent to manually click on the upper right corner to share to the circle of friends.

6, batch pull followers interface

You can batch pull followers of the public number, and guide the user to share some good applications with friends. This interface is equivalent to clicking on the upper right corner of WeChat send to a friend, eliminating the need for manual clicking, direct retrieval.

7, followers grouping

Currently, this function can only be realized manually on the WeChat public platform, the fans grouped, divided into different dimensions is a core demand of WeChat operators, can be over to different fans with different labels, you can carry out accurate marketing, after the opening of the interface, the third-party developers can take advantage of the interface, users do not need to operate on WeChat public platform, directly in the third-party background of the user’s operation, directly in the third-party background to the user labeling.

8, reported geographic identification

Existing want to get the user’s location, can only guide the user by clicking on the WeChat chat box, send their own location, and after applying for this interface, you can take the initiative to get the user’s geographic location, so as to carry out the relevant LBS applications.

9. Followers can be seen when they unfollow

Followers can still be seen when they unfollow.

10, shared harvesting address interface

You can retrieve the user’s shipping address, as long as the fans in the WeChat public platform to fill in their own shipping address, whether it is not in the current public number can be retrieved, this feature for the micro-centers is an excellent feature, the user filled in the other malls can be retrieved shipping address.

11, CRM interface

Merchants can import enterprise members into WeChat, and WeChat through. This interface will also be the same as the WeChat payment interface, will not be fully open, can only casebycase a one by one application, because it is impossible to determine whether the members of the enterprise is a real real members, otherwise merchants go to buy a large number of cell phone numbers, all imported to the public number, that WeChat has become a tool to harass the user.

By taking stock of these interfaces, it is not difficult to find that, in fact, WeChat is equivalent to an ecosystem, in which all people need to comply with WeChat’s rules of the game, and always centered around the user experience first, any interference with the user’s interface, the application is prohibited by WeChat and exclusion of only always follow the pace of WeChat, the enterprise public number is established as a service platform, which is WeChat marketing ultimate! The concept of the…. >>

The difference between WeChat open platform and public platform

Simply put, WeChat public platform is our common public number, including subscription number, service number and enterprise number, is mainly used for brands, merchants, media, and individuals who do not have too strong technical open ability and have certain operation ability, as a self-media platform or service window to use, is oriented to the use of a wider range of people.

The WeChat Open Platform is a developer platform for application developers who have strong technical development capabilities and are able to develop applications that interface with WeChat, and is geared toward technology companies and developers, but not for everyone to use.

So for those who can’t tell the difference between the two, using the public platform is the right thing to do, and those who can use the open platform are definitely those who have a certain understanding of the functions of the open platform.

So, is the information from the registration of WeChat Open Platform and Public Platform common?

The answer is no, because the same email address is not allowed to be used for registration.

WeChat public platform developer is how to

1, open a registered WeChat public account, click on the advanced features into the developer mode first click on the open and then click to become a developer.

2, before becoming a developer to confirm that your account information has been perfected and submitted through the audit, avatar to upload, micro-signal to set up, the function of the introduction to fill in, as well as the region and other relevant information.

3, check the I agree, and then click next

4, the next is a key step, is where we have to find the URL and TOKEN address.

5, log in to the public platform assistant of the micro walk the world, no account click to register an account.

6, registration should be filled in according to your actual situation of registration information, because this is manually audited, if you provide false information can not pass the audit, the audit time is generally 3 days, so it is recommended that we can go to the registration of the microblogging world of the public platform assistant after the registration of microblogging public account.

7, now registered through the audit are generally 1 year of use, so you can rest assured that the use of the inside of the red box is its 4 main functional modules, the following we will see how to become a developer.

8, click on the system settings, which has become the developer of the url and token, the division to copy them to the public platform of WeChat and then click submit.

9, after becoming a developer, you can use the public platform advanced features, auto-answer menu, customer service, customized menu, micro-official website, WeChat Mall and other functions, the next lesson will explain in detail.