What line is used to draw the cad title bar

What lines are used for cad drawing frame?

Commonly used drawing line type has a solid line, dotted line, broken line, dotted line, etc., generally divided into thick line, medium thick line, thin line three kinds. Line width: 0.4mm, 0.2mm, 0.15mm, 0.07mm four. Coarse solid line 0.4mm structure of the outer contour line, cut location line, ground line, detail symbols, drawings of the frame line, title bar and countersign column in the coarse solid line 0.2mm, furniture, decorative structure of the contour line, marking the size of the starting and stopping the line of fine solid line 0.15mm, furniture and decorative structure of the auxiliary line, marking the dimensions of the line, the text of the material description, text leading to the line, index symbols of the circle, labeling Text the thinnest solid line 0.07mm, medium thick dotted line 0.2mm need to draw the invisible contour line fine dotted line 0.15mm center line, symmetry line, positioning axis line fine double-dotted line 0.15mm, etc.

How to make a title bar in CAD?

There are three ways to make cad title bar:

The first one, is the simplest and easiest way to think of. The title bar is nothing more than a number of straight lines and text composition, then these straight lines and text are all drawn out, naturally, is the title bar. Of course, this has some disadvantages, first of all, these straight lines and text these objects are separated, in the production of the title bar when the line and text are graphic objects, there is no integrity. Text alignment is not convenient, designers need to change the text after the length of the text, manually modify the position of the text to achieve the desired effect. At the same time, to add text, you need to invoke the command to write text, and thus need to set the text style and position several times.

The second way is by making blocks. The first is also by drawing lines and text to make the basic content of the form, the blue part of the figure below. Then the content that needs to be filled in the title field is made by means of the block attribute, the white part in the picture below. Finally make all of these into a block object, so that the title bar is a whole object, so this is better than the first way. But after making it into a block, if you want to change something, such as adding a column, etc., you need to change the whole block, which is also more troublesome.

The third way to do this is with a table, which can only be done with the latest 2011 version of ZW CAD. First of all, you need to create a table, the size of the number of rows and columns of the table according to the need to design the size of the title bar to do, with the smallest table unit to divide, the following chart, the blue part is to set out the title bar, the white color is created with the table function.

How to draw cad title bar, how to draw title bar in cad?

1, first of all, open the computer on the CAD software, open the format / table style.

2, in the table style, click to select New.

3, give the new style name, and click Continue.

4, formatting options General, click Text Style can set the style.

5, general selection of regular text style, click Apply.

6, data options in the [Alignment] choose center.

7, you can freely choose, border color, and line width. Effectively see the preview window.

8, word height and vertical are related. Unit height = font size / three-quarters * line + vertical * 2. Calculated by the 5 word corresponds to the vertical height of 0.66.

9, set up, click OK. And apply.

10, column headings and titles (now for the data settings, column headings and titles next to the data, as shown) are set up similar to the above. Optional column headings are up and down. This draws the title column.

What lines are used for CAD drawing frames and title bars?

It should be a thick solid line

I would suggest that you take a look at either of the Mechanical Drawing or Geometric Drawing books to find out!