What’s the meaning of clearing the cache on your cell phone?

What does clearing the cache in a cell phone mean?

It is to clean up the junk files

and the computer to clean up the garbage a meaning

Mobile phone used for a long time will produce a lot of garbage files,

like downloads and so on will be the residual file with the computer,

If you do not clean up the slow card,

So the suggestion is to download a [Tencent cell phone butler] to clean up the

In addition to cleaning up the phone’s garbage, you can usually defend your phone against poisoning, free up some more space,

The phone is not so stuck. At the same time there are many other commonly used features owners can try.

What does it mean to clear the cache on a cell phone? How to recover the data on a cell phone

With the development of society, the cell phone has become an indispensable necessity in people’s lives. And the cell phone it is not only just a communication tool, and it is also able to store a certain capacity of the file, but a long time will be relatively slow. Here I will give you an introduction to the cell phone clear cache is what it means and cell phone clear data to how to recover.

What does it mean to clear the cache on a cell phone

1, the cell phone clear cache, in fact, to understand the cache is the buffer of information exchange (called Cache), for example, when a hard body to read the information, it is necessary to first look for the information you need from the cache, and if you find it is directly executed, if you can not find it, then from the memory. If it can’t find it, it will look for it in the memory. Since the cache runs much faster than the memory, the purpose of the cache is to indicate that the hardware is running faster.

2, because the cache is often used in RAM (non-permanent storage of power outages), so when it runs out, the file is sent to the hard disk and other memory for permanent storage. The largest cache in the computer is the memory strip, the fastest is the CPU set on the L1 and L2 cache,

graphics card memory is to the graphics card computing chip with the cache, hard disk also has 16M or 32M cache.

How to recover erased data from a cell phone

1. Preparation for data recovery

The first thing you need to do is to connect your cell phone to your computer with a USB cable, so that your computer can recognize your cell phone and automatically install the driver.

This time you can open the phone screen “Settings” menu (Andrid 4.1 system for example), and then find “System” under the “Developer Options”. Then find “Developer Options” under “System” and click on it to bring up a new interface. Click the “USB debugging” option, connect the USB to enable the debugging mode of the phone. At this point, there will be two more disks under the computer’s device manager, and the “I” disk is the phone’s ROM memory.

2. Recover deleted data from memory card

Run the data recovery software EasyRecovery, you can click the “Data Recovery” menu under the main interface, and select “Advanced Recovery” option. The “Advanced Recovery” option opens the “Advanced Recovery” interface. Next, click “My Computer→Linux (1.05GB)” under the drive list, and then locate the “I” disk (i.e. the ROM memory card of the phone). Click the “Advanced Options” button to open the “Advanced Options” dialog box. Under the “File System Scan” tab, click “Advanced Scan” and confirm the scanning operation. You can then save the scanned files to a local disk, where you will find the previously deleted data on your phone system, and use the search function to search for the files you need.

Summary:What is the meaning of clearing the cache on the phone and how to recover the information cleared by the phone is introduced to this content, the phone is generally used for some time, the memory inside will become small, which will lead to the phone running slower, this time it is to clear the cache.

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