What’s with the ps at the end of a paragraph?

What does adding ps to a sentence mean?

It means: by the way.

ps is an abbreviation for p.s.script, which means to append, another note, by the way, to add.

Explained in the Comprehensive Dictionary of Modern English and Chinese:



(of the end of a letter after the signatures) again, and again and again; appendix (abbreviated P.S., PS., PS or p.s.)

(of a book, etc.) appendix; trek, addendum

[Eng](of a news broadcast after the news) Conclusion

Modern English-Chinese Dictionary postscript


(of a letter at the end of a signature) and also and, appendix, again (=P.S.)

(of a book, etc.) appendix, trek

Many people write a paragraph followed by a PS, may I ask what PS refers to

PS refers to is the abbreviation of postscript (remarks):

1, (after the signature at the end of the letter) again, again and again; appendices (abbreviated as P.S., PS., PS or p.s.).

2, (of a book, etc.) appendix; treble, addendum.

3, [Eng] (after a news broadcast) closing remarks.

4, often used on the Internet to make a more detailed analysis of other people’s opinions, or have a better analysis

PS stands for:

1PS refers to postscript, the meaning of “note, note”;

2PS refers to Photoshop, a famous professional image processing software, almost all of which is used in the world. professional image processing software, almost all advertising agencies, graphic design companies use;

3PS refers to Sony’s game console playstation, its successor version of the PS2, PSP, PS3;

4PS refers to the political science, that is, “political science “, a branch of science;

5PS refers to Polystyrene, a thermoplastic synthetic resin, the largest application area is the electronics/electrical appliances industry ……

All in all, PS has many meanings, take your time to comprehend it~~~