What’s wrong with the hard disk light that stays on after you turn on the computer?

Computer boot hard disk light has been on what is going on ah?

The first thing that needs to be ruled out is that during transportation, the interface of the hard disk cable is loose, resulting in poor contact, you need to dismantle the chassis will be the hard disk and the motherboard interface can be reinserted.

Tools: screwdriver, host.

1, with a screwdriver to the host side of the screws down, the operation of this step needs to be unplugged.

2, after opening the side panel of the host, you can see the inside of the host, find the hard disk interface on the motherboard, usually located at the bottom of the motherboard.

3, under the graphics card to find the interface of the hard disk, gently with a finger plus hard disk cable in the plug to pull down.

4, check the hard disk cable whether there is dust, if there is dust will be cleaned up, and then just according to the steps of the hard disk cable back to the host side panel installed, power on the boot can be.

After the computer is turned on, the hard disk indicator light is always on without flashing what is the reason, the monitor black screen

Computer after the computer is turned on, the hard disk indicator light is always on without flashing what is the reason, the monitor black screen

A computer host failure caused by the black screen fault

1, the host power supply caused by the failure

Host power supply damage or host power supply bad quality caused by the black screen failure is very common. For example, when adding some new equipment, the monitor will appear after the black screen failure, exclude the hardware quality and compatibility issues after the power supply quality is not good enough power is the main cause of the failure, replace the large rate of high-quality power supply or the use of regulated power supply is the best way to solve this type of failure.

2, the quality of the accessories caused by the failure

Computer accessories of poor quality or damage, is the main cause of the failure of the monitor black screen. Such as memory, graphics cards, motherboards, CPU and other problems may certainly cause the appearance of black screen failure. Failure to show that the monitor light is orange, this time the replacement method can be used to replace the display card, memory, CPU, motherboard and other components to try, this is the most simple and fast solution.

3, the quality of the connection between the accessories

Memory, graphics card and the motherboard between the insertion is not correct or loose, dust and other causes of poor contact is the main reason for the failure of the black screen. And the display card and monitor connection problems, or drive the data line reversal may also trigger a black screen failure.

4, black screen failure caused by overclocking

Overclocking or overclocking parts that are not suitable for overclocking will not only cause a black screen failure, but also cause serious damage to accessories. If overclocking or overclocking the components that are not suitable for overclocking after the poor cooling or normal use of the fan damage caused by the inability to give the CPU cooling and so on will cause the system to self-protect the black screen of death.

Second, the display itself caused by the failure of the black screen failure

1, AC power supply power

External power supply power, resulting in some of the old monitors or some of the power-consuming power of the monitor can not be started normally, is the display itself caused by the failure of one of the reasons for the failure of the black screen failure. Or the external power supply voltage is not stable, the voltage is too high or too low may cause the monitor work is not stable, or even does not work.

2, power circuit failure

The monitor’s switching circuit as well as other circuit failures is the main cause of the monitor black screen failure. Such as fuse blown, rectifier bridge switching tube is broken, current-limiting protection resistor burned out and other faults lead to the display can not work.

3, the picture tube, line output circuit damage

The picture tube or line output circuit failure will also trigger the monitor power no raster black screen failure, but also caused by the main causes of monitor black screen failure.

[B]Second, the computer software failure caused by black screen failure

such as software conflicts, improper installation of drivers, BIOS refresh error, CMOS settings are incorrect, etc. can be caused by black screen failure. In addition, such as malignant viruses caused by hardware damage (such as CIH) and so on may cause the monitor black screen failure. To this type of failure, if you can consider the causes of the failure to do more to solve the problem know what to do with half the effort.

Three, the monitor black screen fault solution ideas

1, check the host power supply, whether the work is normal. First of all, the host chassis panel power indicator is bright, and the power supply fan is rotating to determine whether the host system has been supplied with power. Secondly, with a multimeter to check whether the external voltage meets the requirements, the voltage is too high or too low may cause the host power supply over-voltage or under-voltage circuit of the automatic shutdown protection. In addition, focus on checking the quality of the power switch and reset button and their connection with the motherboard on the correct or not are very important, because many poor-quality chassis on the power switch and reset button often occurs after a few times after the use of damage, resulting in black screen of the whole machine is not any display. If the power supply is damaged, replace the power supply can be solved.

2, check the monitor power supply is connected. When the monitor is powered on, there is a “ch” sound, and the monitor’s power indicator is on, the user moves to the monitor screen, there is a “sizzle” sound, the back of the hand hairs stand up.

3, check the monitor signal line and display card contact is good. If the interface has a lot of dirt, broken pins and other damage will lead to poor contact, the monitor black screen.

4, check whether the display card and motherboard contact is good. If the monitor black screen and host speakers issued a long and two short beeps, it shows that the connection between the graphics card and the motherboard has a problem, or graphics card and the display of this connection between the problem, you can focus on checking whether the slot contact is good groove whether there is a foreign body, the graphics card to change the motherboard slot for a test, in order to determine whether there is a problem with the slot.

5, check whether the graphics card can work properly. Check whether the chip on the display card can be burnt, cracked traces as well as the display card on the cooling fan is working, whether the cooling performance is good. A normal working graphics card can be used to rule out whether the graphics card is damaged.

6, check the memory stick and the motherboard contact is good, memory stick quality is too hard. If the computer starts up a black screen and the host continuous beeping, it is most likely to indicate that there is a problem with the memory stick, you can focus on checking the memory and memory slot installation contact, the memory stick to re-plugging once, or replace the new memory stick.

7, check whether the chassis fan rotation. If the chassis cooling fan is damaged, it will cause poor heat dissipation, and in serious cases, it will cause damage to the CPU and other components or the computer automatically shut down to protect it and sound an alarm.

8, check other boards (such as sound cards, decompression cards, video, capture card) and the motherboard slot is good as well as the driver signal cable connection is correct. This is often easy for many people to ignore. Generally believe that the computer black screen is the monitor part of the problem, and other equipment has nothing to do. In fact, because of the sound card and other equipment is not installed correctly, resulting in the system initialization is difficult to complete, especially the hard disk data line interface, but also easy to cause the failure of no display.

9, check whether the CPU is overclocked, whether the contact between the CPU and the motherboard is good, and whether the CPU cooling fan is intact. If overclocking leads to a black screen, then the CPU jumps back to the original frequency on it. If the contact is poor, the CPU must be removed and reinstalled, and use a high-quality high-power fan to cool the CPU.

10, check the parameter settings. Check whether the CMOS parameters are set correctly, if the CMOS parameters are not set properly and cause a black screen, the computer does not start, it is necessary to open the chassis, hands to restore the CMOS default settings.

11, check whether the virus triggered the monitor black screen. If the virus caused by the monitor black screen, this time the latest version of anti-virus software to deal with, sometimes need to rewrite the BIOS program.

12, if the internal circuitry of the monitor failure caused by black screen or tube damage, you should ask a professional repair.

The computer boot monitor black screen, the keyboard indicator does not light! What is the reason?

Unplug the keyboard and mouse, nothing plugged in, connected to the monitor to see.

1, if the system is a pirated version of the black screen will be an hour, if it is a genuine, black screen for a while is good that the graphics card is not plugged in, if the black screen must restart the computer, is your memory is not plugged in, or the graphics card and the motherboard is not compatible with the bad, or the graphics card is overheating, the fan does not give, look at your description of the last one is in line with the method of treatment, high-power fan blowing the mouth of the heat sink, really! No just use your mouth.

2, confirm that the connection is good, there is no response, press the restart button, the memory to change the location of the plug, and the CPU. poor contact is also the same. Reinstall the buckle, pay attention to anti-static.

Computer boot after the monitor black screen host hard disk indicator will not flash

1 hard disk light flickering wildly, most of the system problems.2 But then you say the power supply and other flashing that indicates the boot has unsafe startup.3 the memory to re-insert the next (with the alarm has nothing to do with), in the case of hard disk jumper (I think this you will not go to move the handle) in fact, the hard disk flashing is quite normal.4 can not be ruled out to give to the motherboard discharging. The battery to get down 1 point in the installation.5 Finally is to install the system. According to what I said to do all can be solved although the trouble point but I after all can not see your physical you according to do a good job

computer boot, the monitor black screen, the indicator light flashes!

The monitor does not light up in two kinds, one has a power indicator but no image, the second is not even the power indicator light.

If there is a power light but no image, then I guess it is the memory or video card in your computer case is out of the question, if it is an integrated type of motherboard video card, then most of the factors in the memory.

Suggestion: Power down the host computer, unplug it from the power supply, then re-plug the host computer from the memory stick, finish installing it, and then plug it in and restart the computer.

Black screen after the computer is turned on! Indicator lights do not light up! The screen does not show! What is the reason? The reason for this is that it is a very important part of the process, and it is a very difficult one!

1 Graphics card burned (then you’re out of luck… Ready to change a good put)

2 the memory card unplugged wipe wipe again inserted (usually good)

Hope you are 2 last few days I graphics card burned ……. Pain ah

computer boot after the monitor black screen, the monitor indicator light flashes non-stop

lol, may be the cause of the monitor it, sent to the repair store to see it, or, you advanced VGA mode to see, not if you send it to the repair

boot after the floppy or hard disk drive indicator light is always on does not go out, what is the reason?

Inside the data line is connected to the reverse

If the hard disk works normally, that is the hard disk has a problem

Computer boot on the black screen, no self-test, hard disk indicator has been bright what is the reason for the

Software with the system conflict, some software may be some loopholes or damage, resulting in the use of the process of the black screen directly to open the machine; cell phone is out of power, if completely consumed the amount of power will also be Black screen, and can not turn on the machine, this need to charge; motherboard or screen hardware problems, whether there has been a recent fall, touch the phenomenon of the phone’s motherboard or screen is damaged, so it can not be displayed normally, this time may still work, but only the screen can not see; for the above situation, we can deduct the battery and then reboot start, Apple phones can press the boot key and home button at the same time, so that the mandatory Enter bios mode, or link to the computer for troubleshooting, if you can’t solve it, go to the after-sales service.

To teach you a trick, the first closed laptop, to be tinkered with the end of the shameful peer to draw the whole household computer into hibernation, and then open the laptop, then gently move the mouse computer on the good,

help remember to adopt the ha

computer after the computer has been turned on, the monitor indicator has been from the yellow to green, but the black screen (the monitor is not bad), what is the reason?

There’s something wrong with the video card, I’ve had this happen before, I had a loose video card that time.

The hard disk light is always on after the computer is turned on, stuck for a long time, how to solve

The hard disk light is always on after the computer is turned on, stuck for a long time, how to solve

Check if it is poisoned or there are too many boot software; scan the hard disk to see if there is a bad channel or data error

Machine waiting to read the hard disk file hard disk Lights on machine slow set up faster hit run (win + R) type msconfig select boot ultra settings default three seconds to change three click on the advanced options check the number of processors to select and then check the memory to determine the application of reboot ok faster ohnowin paint it xp know set up

Why is it that after my computer is turned on, it is a very long time before I can use it?

Say it in detail ah

Is your electric usage too old

If not then it is caused by some software

or viruses that you have recently installed

If the light will shine you will maintain the maintenance

If you used to have a setup restore then restore it

No then re-install the system

Desktop computer turns on and black screen, monitor light is on but keyboard light is not. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a computer, so please help me out!

Remove the memory, wipe the gold finger, clean the dust in the slot, re-insert it, or try a different slot, if it does not work, try battery discharge,.

Please guide the experts, my computer is very dark when I turn on the computer, after a long time to become bright. How to do

What kind of monitor weather humidity back to this

Computer boot a period of time after the hard disk is very loud

Hard disk in several pieces of high-speed operation, running for a period of time is very loud means that the hard disk is not good, pay attention to heat dissipation. There are also hard disk problems, get a computer repair store to see

My computer booted up 36 seconds, but after booting up to be stuck for a long time, after the card to network, how to do ah?

Click on the Three Six Zero (9.0) security guards “” system repair “” computer clinic “” system performance inside the drop la see line not Xi line and Three Six Zero (9.0) optimization acceleration “” depth optimization (very effective)

Computer booting a period of time is very stuck

Hello, thank you for choosing HP products.

Machine boot time will load system files and random startup programs, and in the process of loading will take up a lot of CPU and other hardware resources, so you operate at this time there will be more card problems this is a normal phenomenon, we recommend that you wait a little bit when the boot until the machine program loading is complete and then operate the problem should not have a card, if the machine to wait for a long time! If you have to wait a long time for the machine to load, we recommend that you operate according to the following method to see if you can solve the problem:

1, go to the control panel to select the power option, and then click to select the high-performance power mode to determine.

2, unplug the machine external and installed hardware devices, exclude the influence of third-party hardware.

3, by clicking on Start Run and typing “msconfig” to open the “System Utilities”, enter the “Startup” tab. Then, in turn, cancel the suspicious options in front of the check mark, and then restart the computer. Repeat the test until you find the software that is causing the problem.

4. If you can’t find the faulty software according to the above method, we suggest that you bring up the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), enter the “Process” tab, look at the “CPU” column, and find the program that occupies higher resources from inside. (where SYSTEMIDLEPROCESS is normal, its value refers to the idle process, so the higher its value, the better) through the search function to find the process belongs to which software. Then, you can upgrade, close, uninstall this software or simply find a similar software replacement.

4, in the control panel to run windowsupdate and update the machine under the latest version of the driver, on how to download from the HP official website of the corresponding product driver, we recommend that you can refer to the following official document:

:h20566.2.hp./portal/site/hpsc/public/ kb/docDisplay/?docId=emr_na-c02903029

5. If the problem persists after the above, you can try to save important files and reinstall the machine’s operating system.

My computer after booting for a period of time appears splash screen, sound stuck, hard disk light

Motherboard or power supply may be burned may be a certain hardware burned! You should unplug the power cord from the hard disk, CD-ROM drive, etc. and then unplug the power cord. Then unplug the power cord and plug it in again. The first thing that you need to do is to check if the computer can detect itself again.

The computer is turned on for a period of time after the blue screen, how to solve?

1, most likely the hard disk power cord, memory stick contact is not good. Suggestions:

1) First dial off the power, remove the memory stick, use an eraser to wipe the whole contact point, and then wipe it clean with dry soft paper, install back.

2) Dial down the hard disk power supply wiring, to the small copper garden post with a small screwdriver pressure tight, and then re-installed.

Reboot, usually solves your problem.

2, there may also be bad hard disk, download the attached small program, enter the pure Dos state, run f

disk, you can automatically detect and analyze your hard disk, whether there are bad channels, and can be shielded from the bad channels, repartitioning, to avoid the head to read the bad areas, you can like a good hard disk as work.

Note: Before repairing your hard disk, back up any useful data.

Discharge the BIOS battery (restore BIOS factory defaults) It is recommended to plug and unplug the graphics card and memory, clean up, and polish the gold fingers of the graphics card and memory.

Pressing F8 on the computer does not move until the advanced options appear and then let go, select “last correct configuration” and enter to repair, or not restore the system or reinstall the system.

Go to Device Manager and check if there are any conflicts with the various drivers, and if there are any yellow ones! If there may be a device driver is incompatible with the system caused by; then the sound card, graphics card, network card and other devices to remove the driver, and then install the driver one by one, each installation of a device to restart the computer to check which device driver caused by the failure, check out, download the new version of the faulty device driver, and then install it.

In addition to upgrading hardware incompatibility, incompatibility or failure of memory, graphics card, hard disk, etc. can also lead to a blue screen failure (if the hardware is caused by their own and can not be resolved, please overhaul a go).