What’s wrong with the webpage automatically closing?

4, the browser version is too low, can not support the operation of the web page leads to the automatic closing of the web page;

5, the browser software file is damaged, can not be opened normally;

6, a large number of temporary files and junk files to make the browser run error.

Web page automatically close how

Many users often encounter web pages inexplicably be automatically closed, after Kingsoft security experts analyzed and found that the user’s computer in the kidnapping Trojan horse, it will destroy the components of the IE browser, to achieve the ulterior motive of the secret.

Reason analysis

1, kidnapping type Trojan, ie browser is a kidnapping type Trojan kidnapping the most applications, he kidnapped ie browser, so that the browser home page is modified, the search engine is tampered with. Tampering with the relevant settings or files of the ie component.

2, due to the browser version is too low, resulting in some web pages script run failure caused.

3, the browser web page to open too much, the more open web pages, the greater the memory occupation, it is recommended that you generally open 5 ie web page window.

4, some plug-ins and browser incompatibility.

Suggest you disable the plug-ins that cause your browser to close automatically.

Steps and methods

1, first of all, to rule out is not a virus problem caused by, please first use Kingsoft Defender for Trojan horse killing.

2, if it is not a virus caused by the Trojan horse, then open the ie browser options, and then click on the “Programs” tab, open the “Manage Add-ons”, and then disable the plug-ins that may lead to the automatic closure of the web page.

3, if the method is ineffective, take ie reset, open ie browser options, and then click the “Advanced” tab, and then click the “Reset” button.

4, if the above method is not effective, then upgrade your browser to the latest version or download a better browser.

My 360 browser always automatically closes the page so ah

My 360 browser always automatically closes the page so ah

The following are the most likely all the reasons and measures to solve the problem:

1 web page system is temporarily busy caused by the system delays, just as we can not every moment of normal posting, there is a buffer period.

2, your computer to see the network cable and broadband connectivity is not connected, check whether there is a fault.

3, the computer hard disk of the junk file too much, directly occupy the memory, resulting in the opening of other web pages too slow

4, the computer system vulnerability forget to repair in a timely manner, resulting in the spread of viruses, directly affecting the speed of the network.

5, may be your computer operating system problems, it is recommended to install the system from the new

6, the web page of its own system maintenance, you need a period of time to be able to see the normal

The above is the most complete cause and solution, look at the owner’s reference, I wish you good luck, O(∩_∩)O Thank you

360 browser in the page when the save image always automatically closed! .

You can use 360 browser’s tools menu in the repair browser function to repair try!

Why does 360 Browser always autoclose?

On the issue of IE auto-close, there are the following common situations:

1. Transmit an error report, and then IE auto-close

[Phenomenon] In the process of browsing the web using IE, there is a message that says, “MicrosoftInterExplorer has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. ……” information prompt. At this time, if you click on the “Transmit Error Report” button, it will create an error report, click on the “Close” button will cause the current window IE automatically shut down; if you click on the “Do not transmit If you click the “Do not transmit” button, all Windows IEs are automatically closed.

[Troubleshooting] This is IE to understand the user in the use of the error and design of a small program, but I do not want to be Microsoft’s “free tester”, not to mention that every day it will face thousands of reports, who knows if there is no care about my report problems?


For different situations, you can use the following methods to prohibit IE from automatically shutting down the transmission of error reports:

1) IE5.x users, the implementation of the “Control Panel ¡ú Add or Remove Programs”, in the list, select the “InterExplorer” function. Select “InterExplorerErrorReporting” from the list, and then click the “Change/Remove” button to remove it from the system.

②For IE6.0 users under Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000, you can open the “Login File Editor”, locate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Sofare\Microsoft\InterExplorer\Main], and then click “Change/Remove” button on the right to remove it from the system. Main], create a DWORD double-bit tuple value named IEWatsonEnabled in the right pane, and assign it to 0.

3) For IE6.0 users of WindowsXP, go to “Control Panel→System”, and switch to the “Advanced” tab. Advanced” tab, click the “Error Reporting” button, select the “Disable Error Reporting” option, and select “But notify me when a serious error occurs. “and click the OK button.

2. IE internal error, IE automatically shut down

[Failure phenomenon] in the use of IE to browse some Web pages, there is an error message dialog box: “The program performs an illegal operation, is about to close the ……”, click “OK” button. Click “OK” button and then pop up a dialog box, prompting “an internal error occurred ……”. After clicking the “OK” button, all open IE windows are automatically closed.

[Faulty comment] The error occurs due to various reasons, such as excessive memory resource usage, IE security level setting and browsing website mismatch, conflict with other softwares, and the browsing website itself contains the error code ……. These situations are all possible, and need to be solved patiently.


①Close too many IE windows. If you are running a program that requires a lot of memory, it is recommended that you do not open more than 5 IE windows.

Decrease the security level of IE. Execute the “Tools→Inter Options” menu, select the “Security” tab, click the “Preset Levels” button, and drag the slider to lower the preset security level.

③Upgrade IE to the latest version, IE6.0SP1

You can use IE as the core browser, such as MyIE2, which takes up relatively fewer system resources, and when the browser malfunctions and IE closes automatically, the next time you start it, there will be a prompt that says, “Do you want to open the page where the error occurred last time? “This will help you recover as much as possible.

3. Implementation of the error

[Failure phenomenon] IE browsing the Web pop-up “implementation of the error, whether to correct the error” dialog box, click the “No” button, you can continue to browse the Internet.

[Failure to comment] It may be the problem of the website itself, or it may be due to the fact that IE does not support certain command codes.


①Launch IE, execute the “Tools→Inter Options” menu, select the “Advanced” tab, check the “Disable script debugging” checkbox, and finally select the “Disable script debugging” checkbox. “check box, and finally click the “OK” button.

②Upgrade Internet Explorer to the latest version.

4. IE windows are always minimized

[Phenomenon] Every time you open a new window is minimized window, even after clicking the “Maximize” button, the next time you start IE after the new window is still minimized.

[Faulty comment] IE has an “automatic memory function”, which can store the number of quotes from the last closed window, IE itself does not provide the relevant setting options, but can be achieved by modifying the login file.


①Open the “Login Editor”, find [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Sofare\Microsoft\InterExplorer\Desk\OldWorkAreas], and select the right side of the window. Select “OldWorkAreaRects” on the right side of the window and delete it.

②Also find [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Sofare\Microsoft\InterExplorer\Main] in the “Login File Editor”, select “Window_Placement” on the right side of the window, and delete it. Placement” on the right side of the window and delete it.

3) Exit the “Login Profile Editor”, restart your computer, and then open IE, maximize its window, click the “Restore Down” button to restore the window, and then click the “Maximize” button again to close IE. Then click the “Maximize” button again, and finally close the IE window. When you reopen IE later, the window will be normal

360 browser always auto-close why

360 doctor repair try

360 browser always auto-close

reinstall try

360 browser why always auto-close the window

likely you are poisoned

immediately go to the next If you have too many files open or too many programs running at the same time, you won’t have enough memory to run other programs, so you should always close the programs and windows you don’t need.

It’s best to increase the physical memory, replace it with high quality memory, and set the virtual memory appropriately

360 Browser opens and closes automatically

It’s recommended that you use 360 Security to repair the situation, and then reinstall 360 Browser to solve the problem

Why does 360 Browser always close automatically?

Try a different browser

Mobile phone in the 360 browser why is always automatically closed

Hello; may be in the virus,

You use the cell phone butler anti-virus,

If you still can not change the browser to try,

Baidu Browser, QQ Browser is very good to use ah.

Hope to help you, hope to adopt.

Just after updating the 360 browser, I realized that it always closes the web page automatically, what’s going on?

No, you use 360 IE repair, and 360 cleanup plug-in try, 360 browser is very good ah