What’s wrong with your computer’s web pages closing automatically?

Computer open window automatically closed how

Web pages automatically closed because:

1, was installed rogue software, uninvited rogue software will seriously affect the stability of the browser itself.

2, the browser version is too low, many sites currently browse the need for a high version of the browser support, the use of IE6SP1 below the version is more likely to crash.

3, insufficient system resources, this problem can be directly caused by the browser crash, please upgrade the system configuration.

4, plug-in incompatibility issues, some plug-ins will be incompatible with the browser, so the problem directly leads to the automatic closure of the page.

5, the computer was attacked by the Trojan horse, the author of the virus Trojan horse in the design of the program, basically do not care about the stability of the Trojan horse program.

Solution: You can download antivirus software on the Internet and then scan the whole computer, or use the system repair function inside the 360 browser can also be dealt with;

2, the browser plug-ins are not compatible. After the browser is opened, it will automatically load some plug-ins, if running some plug-ins and browser incompatibility, there will also be the phenomenon of automatic closure of the web page. At this point, you need to check whether the browser is running too many plug-ins lead to the appropriate deactivation of some plug-ins.


If this is not the reason, then you have installed some of the software to close the ads. It is recommended that you uninstall this software. Change to another software. Reasons for automatic closure of the page collection 1 Now there are websites to do out of the web page need IE6.0 to browse normally, with a low version of the browser can not be stable browsing, easy to cause the automatic closure of the page, there are such and such an error! To IE upgrade, or patched. 2 many cases can lead to IE automatically shut down, see if a specific web page to do so, IE plug-ins, the system will also automatically close the running problematic programs 3 start = & gt; start = & gt; regedit = = & gt; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = & gt; SOFTWARE = & gt; Microsoft = & gt; Microsoft = & gt; Microsoft = & gt; Microsoft = & gt gt;Microsoft=>InterExplorer=>Main=> in the right window press the right mouse button to add a new DWORD value (D)=> named IEWatsonDisable=> even point the left mouse button in the numerical information (V) in the value of the information to enter 1=> determine=> restart the computer 4 insufficient system resources, resulting in a browser crash upgrade system configuration 5 Trojan horse (virus) with a new version of antivirus software to kill the virus (recommended the use of Kingsoft First Aid Kit!) 6. Insufficient system resources … Clear the cache and cookies to try

office office software page to open automatically disappear after what is going on ah?

Go antivirus! ~~ Hurry up oh!

Please ask me to open the game automatically disappeared what happened

Game file corruption or loss of recommended reinstallation.

Telecommunications version of the N9009 multi-window open often automatically disappear, what happened ah.

Hello Samsung users:

According to your description, we recommend that you try to operate in accordance with the following methods:

1, uninstall the recent download and installation of third-party software to observe (third-party software compatibility)

2, check whether the smart holster function is on: Menu – Settings – Device – Accessories – Automatic unlocking to play the check mark.

3, remove the external SD card, reboot the phone and try.

4, replace the other original holster to test.

If the problem is still not solved after the above operations, please contact your local Samsung service center to have your phone tested by an engineer.

It is recommended that you make an application for an “in-store” repair appointment on Samsung’s website to enjoy priority repair service::support.samsung…. /pre-booking

After making an appointment, please bring your machine, invoice and warranty card to the service center where you have made an appointment.

Reviews, suggestions, and tweets at: support.samsung…. /survey

What’s wrong with a computer that often doesn’t respond after opening a web page?

You can try to open the web page point Tools – INTERNET Options point to delete files, delete Cookies or Tools – Inter Options – Advanced Restore Silent Settings recommended to use the 360 check under the malware repair IE Optimizer to clean up and then into the web page to see

Web pages often open after the web page has an error is what happened?

It’s just that there’s an error on the web page, and some things are divided between members and non-members, and some of them won’t open, so maybe it’s a problem with your permissions, or maybe that browser of yours doesn’t support that type of web page! I don’t know if that’s right. The format of the web page is ASP, HTML, and others. I don’t know if it’s a problem in this area?

What’s wrong with the web page that closes automatically after opening

1, you can restart your Windows system and try it.

2, you can reinstall IE in the try.

3, can not install other browsers.

All of the above do not work, it may be a system problem. The problem is that you can’t get the virus to work, and you can’t get it to work, so you can’t get it to work.


What happened to the partitions of the computer hard disk that disappeared automatically?

Prepare a good XP system disk, first you set the machine into the CD-ROM drive boot, and then put in the installation of the XP disk

(not Tomato Garden and other versions of the) and then the generation of the blue display after the selection of the “Repair XP system, please

Press R” you choose then that, to be repaired after the completion of the restart to see! The original disk whether all

. If not, install a hard disk partition magician and use it to recover the data


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What’s wrong with AG Niu Niu’s computer side that often doesn’t respond after opening the web page?


Win7 computer web page open slow how is it

One is the network is slow, one is the browser is not good will be so, you download Google Chrome to test it.

Please ask the original not so right? If so, what did you do on the computer before the accident, what did you download, what is abnormal, if you remember what to ask me to say, if you do not know how to cause, it is recommended to restore the system or reinstall.

Win7810 restore the system, right-click on the computer and select Properties, on the right side of the selection of system protection, system restore, follow the steps to do is, if there is a restore software, comes with an image backup, and made a backup, you can also use the software, image backup to restore the system.

Please follow up with me if you have any questions.