Where are the settings for the Aifei dhcp server?

dhcp how to set up the dhcp settings

First, open the router’s management page URL, enter the user name and password to click on the login, and then click on the “dhcp server” option, check it off, and then enter the “Address Pool Beginning and End” address. Address”, and then click “Save”, restart the router; then open the computer’s “Control Panel”, click “Network and Sharing Center Then open the “Control Panel” on your computer, click “Network and Sharing Center”, then enter the “Adapter Settings” button, then right-click “Local Connection”, then select “Properties”, find and double-click the

How to set up dhcp

1. Open your browser and enter your login address to log in to your router’s management interface. Then enter your username and password to log in.

2. Click on the “DHCP server” option, and then check the “Enable DHCP server” box. Then enter the “Address Pool Start Address” and “Address Pool End Address”.

3. After the settings are complete, click the “Save” button, and then reboot the router to take effect.

4. Open the Control Panel and click Network and Sharing Center → Adapter Settings.

5. Then right-click on “Local Connections” and select “Properties”. In the window that opens, find and double-click the IPV4 protocol.

6, at the same time check the “Automatically obtain an IP address” and “Automatically obtain DNS servers” on the can. At this point, the DHCP server configuration is complete.

The method of dhcp settings is introduced for the partners, I hope it can help partners yo.

How to configure DHCP in a wireless AP

First, log into the configuration page of the wireless AP. Settings — Basic Settings — DHCP server point enabled.

Then set the starting IP, the maximum number of users, and the client lease time.

After you’re done setting, just save.