Where is the WeChat Developer Tools domain name setting

[WeChat small program] Configuration of legal domain name

When the development of the small program, at the beginning of the interface docking, you need to configure the interface domain name in the WeChat public platform otherwise you can not access the interface.

One, open the official website of WeChat public platform, log in the WeChat small program account, and then enter the main interface of WeChat small program management

Two, in the menu bar on the left side of the main interface of the WeChat small program, select the development column

Three, in the development column, select the development settings, and drag and drop to the server domain name


four, the configuration of the domain name

In the middle of the need for an authentication

five, enter the domain name, select submit to save

tips:After adding the modified domain name, restart the WeChat Developer Tools domain name will take effect.

Small program – to solve the experience version can only open the debugging tool to load the data (request interface)

Small program development is completed to generate the experience copyright, but the data has been loaded out, the solution:

1) open the WeChat developer tools to see whether to open (check) the “do not verify the legitimate domain name, web-view (business domain), TLS version and HTTPS certificate”. If it is on, turn it off (unchecked).

2) After turning it off, open the debugger. The following error message will appear, which is caused by the background of the applet does not configure the server domain name (request legitimate domain name).

3) Next, we go to the background of the small program (mp.weixin.qq.com) to configure the domain name: enter the background – the left menu to open the “development” – the right side of the selection of the “Development Settings” – find the “server domain name” – modify.

4) Important! Important! Important! Back to WeChat developer tools, the upper right corner of the “details” – “project configuration” – “domain name information” update, see the domain name information list and the background configuration of the same, update successfully.

5) At this time, the small program server domain name has been added successfully, the data can be loaded out.

WeChat development tools front-end source code how to modify the domain name

WeChat development tools front-end source code to modify the domain name is the front-end source code can be imported. It is the first to download the wechat developer tool, the front-end source code import, and then you can modify the siteinfo.js file inside the domain name acid and uniacid, change to their own domain name can be.

WeChat developer mode interface url how to set

Tools: WeChat account


1, open WeChat login account, click on the function, select the advanced function, select developer mode.

2, choose to open, choose to become a developer, if the developer mode can not be opened, check whether to close the editor mode, close the editor mode to open the developer mode.

3, open the third-party platform, fill in the WeChat account information, click submit.

4, in the next generated page, fill in the information to complete the setup.

WeChat small program how to upload, submit for review, release operation?

1, first of all, the account login WeChat public number background to set the basic information of the small program setting operation.

2, after logging in, set the basic information of the small program, including the name, avatar, introduction and scope of services, development settings in the server domain name settings.

3, the basic information set up, open the WeChat development tools, click on the upper right corner of the [upload] function, click on the upload prompt window to enter the version number and instructions can be.

4, after uploading, go to the background of WeChat public number, click on the left menu in the [development management].

5, the browser pulls to the bottom, find the [development version] can display the version of the small program just submitted, click on the right button [submit for review] Note: Only administrators can submit.

6, after the submission, [review version] in the display [review], wait patiently, review through WeChat will be prompted, there is also a message in the background prompts, now the review time is quite fast.

7, if the audit passes, click submit to publish, the online version will show the current version of the submission, which is a WeChat small program in a few minutes you can search for the release of the small program.

8, the above will be released after the small program, in the settings you can download the QR code of the small program to scan and login, or name search can be.

WeChat applet how to connect to a custom server

. Preface

Recently do small programs, has been using the local server interface, in the test with the real machine, found that the dynamic data and can not be synchronized, research found that the operation is very simple

2. Configuration steps

1. First open the WeChat developer tools, open the upper right corner of the details, click on the local settings, check the following do not check the legal domain name

< p>2.Open your phone’s hotspot, connect your phone’s hotspot with your computer (make sure it’s under the same network) (very important)

3.Open your computer’s Control Panel —- “Network and Internet —- “Network and Sharing Center —- “Change Advanced Sharing Settings —- “Check Enable Network Discovery

4.Back up to the previous level, select Change Adapter settings, select the cell phone hotspot, right-click and select Status, select Details, remember the current Ipv4 address, in the back to replace the localhost

5. Open the WeChat developer tools, just now the IPv4 address to replace all the localhost, I’m here to the host package to a toolkit, a change of the whole change, depending on your own situation

6. The last step, click on the preview to sweep the code