Why can’t some pages copy links

Computer web pages can not copy and paste

It is because of the ie security blocking function, close on it.

1, first click on the browser in the upper right corner of the “Tools” menu – select “internet options”.

2, and then enter the IE Tools Settings internet options to find the security – trusted sites – custom level.

3, and finally move the option to the less privileged web pages area, click [Enable] to complete the settings click OK, so the problem is solved.

Why some URL links always press not to copy out

Because in the HTML code added to prohibit copying, you can press F12 to open the developer tools to go to the code to copy the

Browser to open the web page can not copy how to do

1. appear copyright information class of cases

Break method: in the page on the target to press the right button of the mouse, the pop-up restrictions on the window, this time do not let go of the right button, will be the mouse pointer to the window of the OK button, at the same time, press the left button is now released the left button of the mouse, the restriction on the window was closed, and then move the mouse to the target to let go of the mouse! Right button

2. appear to add to the favorites of the situation

Crack method: in the target on the right mouse button, appear to add to the favorites of the window, then do not let go of the right button, do not move the mouse, but the use of the keyboard’s Tab key, move the cursor to cancel the button on the space bar, this time the window disappeared, let go of the right button to look at the right button, Wonderful! The right click is back in action! Move the mouse to the function you want, click the left button it

3. Hyperlinks can not be popped up with the right mouse button to open the menu in a new window

Hacking method: this time with the above two methods can not be cracked, take a look at this trick: in the hyperlinks on the point of the right mouse button to pop up the window, this time, do not let go of the right button, press the space bar on the keyboard, the window disappeared, and this time to release the right button, the lovely right-click menu appeared again, select one of the open in a new window can be

4 in the browser click on the View menu on the source file command, so you can see the html source code, but if the web page uses a frame, you can only see the frame of the page code, this method does not work, how to do? You press the keyboard Shift + F10 key combination to try,

5 see the keyboard right Ctrl key to the left of the key? Try pressing it. The right-click menu appears directly!

6 in the shielding of the right mouse button in the page right-click, the emergence of restrictions on the window, at this time do not release the right button, with the left hand, press the keyboard ALT + F4 key combination, this time the window is closed, release the right mouse button, the menu appeared!

Two can not copy the web page to solve the problem

1 start IE browser, with the mouse click on Tools in the Internet Options menu, select the Security tab, then click on the Customize Level button, in the pop-up window will be all the script all the choices to disable, OK, and then refresh the page by pressing the F5, this time, we can be able to copy the contents of the web page, such as copy and paste! operation when you collect the content you need, and then use the same steps to the web page script to disable, so it will not affect us to browse other web pages you or choose to save the file as a separate file, the format of TXT, and then layout can be

2 left-click restriction does not allow dragging, can not select the content, how to do, simple, click the right button, point to view the source file, will be all the previous east and west of the DEL, point to Save As * HTM, open, is not it possible to drag and drop, and then click on the right button, point to view the source file. HTM, open, is it possible to drag

3 point? View —- original file —- use the replacement method to also replace the space, and then saved as a htm format file, note that in the file name at the end of the two to add the English characters ” “, or in the save type drop-down list, select all types, the file name sample “001.htm”

Or directly in your IE to select the file’s save or save as

4If only in order to Save text for future reference, the easiest and fastest way is to save as a Web page, HTML type only, select the Save As command in the File menu, and then mouse click on the small triangle on the right side of the Save as box, select the third Web page, HTML type only, select the location where you want to store it in the Save in box, and then select the Save button to save the web page to your computer (but the disadvantage of this saving is that it only saves text, no pictures). Note: This saved web page is only easy to collect and view, the content of the web page or can not be copied, if you want to copy the text content, or to improve the browser’s security level before copying

5 to the event of the JavaScript processing code that can be Microsoft Internet Explorer as an example of the specific process is as follows: Click View source file (when the home page text is less than 64k bytes, automatically call the Notepad program to open; otherwise, open the program with a writing pad), looking for statements, statements similar to the onselectstart=”return?false” clause to delete the source file after the deletion of this save as a text file and then use the text file name of this suffix renamed as . IE browser to open this file can be used to copy and paste the required content according to the user’s desired format to save up

6 choose Save As, save the type of text file (*.TXT), save the web page as a text file, everything is done

7 on the web page to prohibit the copying of the blocking of the right-click general crack: gadgets superstar book browser! The first thing you need to do is to install the software! After installing the software in the need to copy the page on the right-click, it will appear to export the current page to the Super Star Book Browser, and then will open the page through this tool, at this time, regardless of the operation can be! Right-click menu all out! Method is very simple! need to

copy the page there:

Step one: open the site you want to copy

Step two: save the page to your computer (File|Save As)

Step three: use Notepad to open the web page that you just saved, find <bodyfalse”;false”> this code (not necessarily exactly this), you can use it to save the page. must be completely so), you will be inside the code (except body) all deleted, the last left <body>, save the file

Step 4: double-click you just saved the file, but also to open the people you that web page

Online some of the articles, they added the settings to not allow people to copy, would like to copy, how to do, you can use the following approach to try

One is to save the web page, and then copy

Two in the view – the original code – under the look but the text you want

Three is to change the browser, to know that disable SCRIPT, you change the browser on the OK

Four with the left click to select, Ctrl + C to copy, and then open the Notepad, Ctrl + V paste on the picture is invalid picture of the press printscreen grab the screen, paste in the brush point PrintScreenSysRq key. This is a full screen capture. Then go to the program —-Accessories—–Drawing Tools—–Edit inside, press a paste. This will copy what you want.

The copy link button on the webpage doesn’t work, you can only copy with the right click, what’s going on?

Shortcut keys and mouse control is a concept, there is a problem with copying links, ==! This is the problem of the browser or his website, you will often find that the browser will prompt the bottom of the loading error a small exclamation point, it is difficult to find the general is a browser problem, you can only copy manually, this problem occurs when the general is not loaded, and who’s computer is often (solution: change a browser to try not if you can not is the site of the problem. Or your browser software to upgrade a next level!

360 browser now how to copy the current web page link can not be seen where to copy

In the address bar, it may be that you do not have the address bar out of it, in the browser at the top of the right-click there is a customize button – standard button – – add the address on it can be

To add the address on it. -Add the address on it