word form box how to tick the

word form tick how to play (word mouth within the √ or X?)

word form tick method:

Product Model: Dell Ling Yue 5000

System Version: Windows 10

Software Version: MicrosoftOfficeWord2020

1, √ how to input

Here are two recommended methods:

The first: Sogou method

Directly input the pinyin “i, select 5 can be.

Second: Insert Method

Click Insert


Other Symbols

Select “Windings2” in “Fonts”

Find the corresponding symbol.

2. How to put a check mark above the text?

Because of the special requirements, the need to tick above the text, here to share two methods:

The first: Insert Text Box

First, insert a text in the document

After the text box in the box to tick

And then according to the need to move the corresponding position

And will be set up as a text box with no color and no outline.

Second: Insert Artwork

Type in √

and select it

Click Insert – Text – Artwork

After that, set the color and size of the √

After that, set the color and size of the √

After that, set the color and size of the √ to “″. Also set it to “float above the text”

Move it to the appropriate position and you’re done

Have you learned these tips for ticking?

word and excel box ticking symbols how to type out?

word and excel box ticking the symbol of the specific methods of operation are as follows:

One, in the word document ticking

1. Click the word above the menu bar in the “Insert” menu under the “Symbol “, select the symbol to be inserted “right”.

2. word document will be inserted in the location of the need to tick.

Second, the excel table checkbox

2. In the “symbols” inside the drop-down box to select the right sign, select and click “Insert” button.

3. Excel table will be inserted in the appropriate location of the check mark.

Expanded information:

MicrosoftOfficeWord is a word processor application from Microsoft.

It was originally written in 1983 by Richard Brodie for IBM computers running DOS. Subsequent versions ran on AppleMacintosh (1984), SCOUNIX and MicrosoftWindows (1989) and became part of Microsoft Office.

Word gives users tools for creating professional and elegant documents, helping them save time and get elegant and beautiful results.

MicrosoftOfficeWord has long been the most popular word processing program.

As the core program in the Office suite, Word offers many easy-to-use document creation tools, as well as a rich feature set for creating complex documents. Applying even a little text formatting manipulation or image manipulation using Word can make a simple document much more attractive than just plain text

MicrosoftExcel is a spreadsheet software program written by Microsoft for computers using the Windows and AppleMacintosh operating systems. An intuitive interface, excellent calculation features and charting tools, combined with successful marketing, have made Excel the most popular personal computer data processing software. In 1993, after the release of version 5.0 as a component of Microsoft Office, Excel began to become the dominant spreadsheet software on the applicable operating platform.

How to enter the “hook” in Word documents?

Insert menu, symbols – special symbols, find the corresponding symbols and click Insert!

How to tick shortcuts in the word box

Method one: hold down the ALT key on the keyboard, and then enter “9745” in the small keyboard area of the numbers, and finally release the ALT key, automatically become a box with a tick symbol.

Method 2: Enter the number “2611” in the Word document, and then press the keyboard shortcut ALT + X, at this time, these figures will be converted into a box with a tick symbol!

Method three:

1, in the Word document enter a capital letter “R”

2, and then the “R” selected, and then set the font as ” Wingdings2″, R will become a box with a tick mark.

Method four:

1, open word, select “Insert” – “Symbol” – “Symbol” – “other symbols”

2, in the pop-up “symbols” dialog box will be “font” item selected as “…. Wingdings2”, and then in the following can be found in the box within the ticking symbols, selected click “Insert” can be.

Method 5:

Open word, select “Insert” – – “Symbol” – – “Symbol” – – “Other symbols”. “other symbols”

In the pop-up “symbols” dialog box will be “subset” item selected as “mathematical operators “, and then in the following can be found in the “hook” symbol, select and click “Insert” can be.

Then in the “Start” tab in the “Fonts” option group click the “Character Border” button; in the pop-up “with circle Characters” dialog box pops up “circle” under the “circle” select the box.

This becomes a box with a check mark.