word form can’t move up form

word table why can not drag?

We are dealing with word documents when the time will be required to add a form in the document, but in the editing of the form will be encountered in the form of rows can not move the problem, which is caused by what? This situation and how to solve it? The following editor to help you solve this problem.

This situation may be due to the form is set up to text around, we just form properties in the relevant settings can be resolved, the following:

1, select the form → right-click → Form Properties

2, in the pop-up “Form Properties” window you will see the form set up a “text around”, click the “Positioning” button, in the pop-up window will be “moving with the text” option can be checked. It is best to set the form as a four-week type of surround.

After setting up the table, you can then drag the rows of the table.

word half a blank page to move up the table

word half a blank page to move up the table of solutions are as follows:

Method 1: In the “outline view” in the document to delete the insertion of the separator. Remove the paragraph settings of the “same page with the next paragraph”, “paragraph does not page” or “paragraph before the page” can be.

Method 2: First, open the WORD document, enter the text content. Click the menu bar on the Insert Form, insert a form in the document, the first page has half a blank page, move the form but not move up. Click the menu bar on the “Layout – Margins”, drop-down selection margins. Margins adjustment, you can see that the form moved to the first page.

Word’s main features:

1, text editing features.

Word software can organize the document, including editing text, graphics, images, sound, animation and other data on the document, you can also insert a different source of other data sources of information.

2, form processing functions.

Word software can be automatically tabulated, can also be completed manually tabulated. Can produce various types of forms, including bar charts, line graphs and so on. At the same time, Word produced in the form of data can be automatically calculated, and to complete a variety of styles modification.

3, design features.

You can set the header and font size, header and footer, charts, graphs, text, and can be organized in columns.

4, make Web function.

Users according to the Web page wizard, you can quickly and easily create a Web page (usually called a Web page).