word form how to remove the footer

word header footer how to delete

We are using word, some partners need to delete the article in the header footer, but do not know the specific steps need to how to operate to carry out. For this problem, I think we can double-click the header or footer to enter the selected state, and then we can delete the article header and footer operation. Specific steps to see how the next editor is how to do it ~ I hope to help you.

word header footer how to delete

One, Word to delete the header

1. Double-click the header to enter the editing state, click the “Header” icon, select “Delete Header”, all the headers of the document! be deleted:

2, although the header was deleted, but the header line is still there, the method of deleting the horizontal line will be shared below.

Two, Word delete footer

Double-click the footer to enter the editing state, click the “Footer” icon, select “Delete Footer”, the footer is deleted:

Word header line removed method one: Deleted through the border

1, double-click the “header”, enter the “header” edit state, select the header in the “text”, select the “Design” tab (there is a “theme” which), click “Page Borders”

Open “Borders and Underlines “window, select” Borders “tab,” “Apply to” to select “paragraph”, click to remove the “Paragraph “bottom icon (second from the left of the preview image), click” OK “, then the header line is removed:

2, the header line is removed, the text is still there. In addition, in the “display format” window also has a “border”, click it can also open the “border and background” window and automatically select the “Borders “tab

Word header line removed method two: clear format

1, the same double-click on the “Header”, enter the “Header” editing status, select the header in the “Text”, select the “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text”, “Text” and “Text”. “text”, select the “Start” tab,

Click the “Clear All Format” icon, the header line is removed at the same time, the text also becomes left-aligned, click the “Center” icon. “Center” icon, so that the text is re-centered:

2, in addition, click on the “Style” the right side of the diagonal arrow, open the “Style” small window, where there is also clear formatting function, that is, “clear all”, click it can also remove the header line.

If the header is set up more formatting, it is not suitable to use the method of clear formatting.

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word to delete the footer method

1, in the page layout (Page Setup), layout, the header and footer border is set to 0; margins, the upper and lower margins are set to 0.

2, double-click the header and footer, header and footer to enter the editing state, then click the Delete key on the keyboard on the line.

3, select the “Insert” tab in the “Header and Footer”, you can also enter its editing status, then you can use the Edit key to modify and delete.

4, select the “Insert” tab in the “Header and Footer” to delete the content, click the rightmost close button, the header and footer will not be displayed.

WPS Word in the header footer how to delete

Delete Word in the header footer method is as follows:

Required materials: computer, Word software

1, in the Word window, the upper left toolbar, select the [Insert]

2, and then select the [Header] or [Footer]

according to need.

3, in the pop-up dialog box below you can see the words [delete header/footer] click on it.

4, if there is only a header/footer, then you can select the header/footer, and then in the toolbar will appear above the [Header and Footer Tools] button, click to select.

5, after selecting the toolbar can be seen in the upper right [Close Header and Footer] words, click on it.

How to delete the footer page number

Word document to delete the footer page number method:

1, click the “View” menu in the “Header and Footer” command.

2. If you place the page number at the bottom of the page, click on the “Header and Footer” toolbar to “switch between header and footer.

3. Select a page number. If the page number is to use the “Insert” menu in the “Page” command inserted, it should be selected at the same time around the page number of the graphic box.

4, press Delete.

Note: MicrosoftWord will automatically delete the entire document page number. If you want to delete the page number of a part of the document, it is necessary to sub-section of the document, and disconnect between sections; if the first page of the document page number is different, or odd and even pages of the header or footer is different, it is necessary to delete the different header or footer, respectively.