word form how to serial number

How to make word in the form of automatic numbering?

Word in the table within the automatic row numbering method:

Open Word document, or in the Word has been opened to insert the table.

Select the column to be numbered.

Click [Form Tools] below the number button.

The table has been numbered.

When setting up the numbering, you can click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the numbering button to choose a preferred form of numbering.

You can also select different areas, parts of areas, and number them separately.

Text automatic serial numbering steps:

1, select the need to automatically arrange the serial number of the text;

2, click to start —-> numbering button can be, as shown in the figure;

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3, you can also click the number of the right triangle in the pull-down options to select a form of numbering, as shown;

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4, you can also select the Define Numbering Format command to bring up the Define New Numbering Format dialog box, in the dialog box, you can set the format of the number, as shown.

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To do text layout in WORD set the automatic sorting number, can be achieved by setting the paragraph number.

Method steps are as follows:

1, open the need to operate the WORD document, select the relevant text paragraphs, in the Start tab, click the drop-down button behind the paragraph number.

2, in the pop-up drop-down options, click to select the required numbering style can be.

3, return to the main document, found in WORD to do text layout when setting the automatic sorting number operation is complete.

word document in the form of how to automatically number

1, in the WORD document to create a form, the next step is to add a serial number in the form of the first column on the left. First of all, the left side of this column is fully selected.

2, first enter the word document, select the need to number the region. Then click on the top of the number behind the inverted triangle symbol. Subsequently in the numbering options to select the desired type of numbering. This time the number is automatically arranged down.

3, first of all, we need to find the computer desktop “target document” double-click to open, enter the “target document” main interface. Into the “target document” main interface, you can see the following chart shows “Word Forms”, “select” you want to automatically add the serial number of the form.

4, open the word document, click on the “Citation” – “Insert Note” pop-up window, click on the “automatic insertion of the note” label format can be customized! Click on the figure above, “New Label” can be numbered format, you can also click on the number of the right “format” custom.

5, the establishment of Word documents, insert tables. Select the need to insert automatic serial number or number of columns or cells. Click on “Start” – “Numbering”. Select one of the styles of numbering. This will automatically insert the default automatic serial number.