word form slash how to enter text

word how to add a slash in the table, and then write

First, open the document, select “Insert”, “Forms”, select the number of rows and columns need to insert the form. After inserting the form, select the need to make a single diagonal header grid. Generally are the top left of the top grid. Select “Design”, select “Border”, as shown in the figure.

Open the required Excel file on the computer to enter. Open the file after clicking on the desired cell, right-click and select Set Cell Format. In the cell settings that appear, select the border, and then click on the desired slash and click on the OK button. Enter the desired text in the cell.

Method 1 select the need to draw a slash header blank cells, here we choose the first blank cell. Enter the “Design” tab, in the “Table Style” option group, click the “Border” button.

Select cell A1, right-click, set the cell format. Select the Borders tab and click the Slash button to slash the cell. First enter the text to the upper right of the slash, section, hold down the Alt key, tap Enter, branch, and in the second row enter the text to the lower left of the slash, week.

First open the Word need to edit, in the form of slash to enter the text. Then in the new interface, the left mouse button to select the text and click to select the “superscript” icon button. After the new interface in the left mouse button to select the top of the text after clicking on the selection of “right alignment” icon button.