word form with spaces can not be deleted

word form of blank space to delete not removed

1. Use the text box to copy the contents of the form to a new text box, so that you can easily use the text box within the “Delete” or “Back” button to remove the blank space in the form.

The specific steps are as follows: in Word, click the “Insert” tab, and then select “Text Box. Select a favorite style, move the cursor to the appropriate location on the page click the left mouse button and drag the mouse until the size of the text box to meet the needs. Copy the content of the table to be retained in the text box. Delete the contents and borders of the original form. Paste the contents of the text box into the original form, and the blank area is naturally deleted.

2 Use the “Clear Format” function Sometimes the blank area in the form is due to formatting problems, you can also use the “Clear Format” to solve this problem.

Why there are a few lines in the word form with blank lines how to adjust can not be deleted?

There are blank lines in a word form that can’t be deleted, they are caused by extra carriage returns, just delete the extra carriage returns and there will be no more blank lines. Just keep the last carriage return

If a cell in front of the text always delete the space that may be due to what

If a cell in front of the text always delete the space that may be due to the Word document was changed to rewrite mode.

1, open the need to edit the Word text, enter the edit page.

2, in the lower left corner of the Word document page to find the rewrite mode.

3, left mouse click on the rewrite button, switch it to insert mode on it.