word table demarcation line how to adjust

word form in the middle of how to add a dividing line

The following is to add a dividing line of the specific method:

2, in the new window that appears to check the “dividing line” can be, as shown in the figure, check the completion of the click “OK! “Effective settings.

3, the above settings are completed word a page of paper is divided into two parts of the left and right, there is a division line in the middle.

Cutting line has a picture of the dividing line and symbols of the dividing line, there are vertical and horizontal.

In the word form beyond the boundary how to adjust

Need to adjust the width of the form a little smaller, the following simple to share with you the steps.

Computer: MacBookAir

System: macOS12

Software: word2019

1, first of all, we open the word document, you can see that the form beyond the border.

2, then we click on the full selection of the form, as shown in the figure.

3, then we click on the top of the width of the smaller, as shown in the figure.

4, and finally press the Enter key, so that the form beyond the border is adjusted, as shown.

Hope you can help, if you have any questions remember to leave a message Oh, thank you.

word form box line how to set

After selecting the form, the border in the form style can set the box line. Here I will demonstrate the detailed steps ❥(ゝω・✿ฺ)

(Computer model: Hewlett-Packard (HP) Shadow Elf 8Pro, software and version number: WPS11.1.0.13703)

1, open the word document that you need to set up the border line.

2, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the form, select the form, the form style menu will pop up, click on the border of the inverted triangle.

3, set up their own need for border lines, click OK on it.

The above is to set the word form box line tutorial, learn the partners to try it ✧*. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*.

How to insert a separator line in word form?

A, easy way:

1, in fact, there is a simpler way to easily draw a separator line. This requires the use of five keys on the keyboard: “~”, “#”, “*”, “-“, “=”.

2, you just need to put the cursor on a separate line, and then continuously press any one of the above five symbols many times (at least three times), and then enter, so you can get a separator line.

3, which, “~”: you can draw a wavy line; “#”: you can draw a solid line; “*”: you can draw a dotted line; “-“: can draw a thin line; “=”: can draw a double line.

word show and hide the role of lines:

word form dotted box constitutes the border of the cell, is not printable, that is, print out does not show. The purpose of the virtual box is to make us more intuitive to the data editing and layout.

If you need to print a false box, then, select the form, right-click and select “Set Text Box Format”, in the “Color and Line” tab under the “false”, “thickness” and “linear” in the combination of the effect you want, all forms have a default 0.5-pound black single solid line border, the border can be printed. Of course, we can also word form border to bold display. If you remove the border, the dotted boxes remain unless you hide them.

Note: You can switch to a web browser, but when you view the text in a web browser, the boxes are not visible and cannot be printed.