word table how to add box lines again

word how to set the table inside the frame line and outside the frame line?

To Dell G5, win10 system, office2019 version as an example, word inner border line and outer border line set up separately as follows:

1, double-click to open the Word document, in Word, will set the outer border line and inner border line of the form all selected;

2, right mouse button, select “Borders and Underlines”, open.

3, in the window, select the “Box” tab, in the “Style” position to select the style of the outer border line;

4, in the “width” option position Select the line width of the outer border line, you can set the outer border line;

5, in the window, select “All”, in the “Style” position to set the style of the inner border line, in the “Width “position to set the width of the inner border line, you can set the inner border line.

It should be noted that the inner border line and the outer border line can be set at the same time, you can also set up separately, set up the outer border line is completed do not determine, and so on the inner border line set up after the completion of the click on OK can be.

This answer applies to office2019 version.