word table how to adjust up down

How to turn a word table upside down?

As follows:

Operating device: Dell computer

Operating system: Win10

Operating software: Word2017

One, click on the form, and then go to the “Design” option, click ” Draw a table”.

Second, in the original form and then draw a table, and manually fill in a column of figures.

Three, go to the “Layout” option, click “Sort”.

Four, the main keyword to use “column 3”.

Fifth, the type of use “digital”, click “descending”, click “OK”.

Fifth, go to the “Design” option, click on “Erase”.

seven, the last auxiliary columns to erase the completion of the table above and below the content of the flip.

How do you swap the top and bottom rows of a table in a WORD document?

First of all, open WORD, insert a form, enter a line in the form. You can select the line where you want to change the line, and then press “shift” + “enter” key, you can force the line to automatically change the line.

First of all, in Word to create a good form of data, the need to move up and down the cell to change the location of the operation. Select the form to perform the copy operation, and then open an excel table, the form will be copied and pasted into the excel table.

Computer, word form. First of all, we need to open the editing of word forms, into the Word document editing page. Then we selected in the Word document page need to move the table rows. Then we hold down the keyboard “shift + alt + ↑” key, after the second line will be moved to the first line.

Required materials: Word. click on the form, and then go to the “Design” option, click “Draw Table”. In addition to the original form to draw a table, and manually fill in a column of figures. Go to the “Layout” option and click on “Sort”. Use “Column 3” for the main keyword.

word in the table how to adjust

word as a commonly used document editing software, in use, will be inserted as needed, how to adjust the size of the table in the document?

word form commonly used in several ways to adjust the size:

1, automatically adjust the size;

2, set the height and width of the form;

3, shift key to adjust;

4, single-selected form rows and columns to adjust. Use millet laptop 15.6Pro, operating system Windows10, software version WPSoffice11.1.0 for word form resizing.

01 automatic adjustment 1, select the form in word;

2, in the form of tools, select the automatic adjustment;

3, you can choose to adjust the form according to the content or to adapt to the size of the window.

02 set the width and height 1, select the word form;

2, above the ribbon to find the form tools

3, in the form tools in order to enter the height, width value [height, width refers to the size of each grid].

Word in the table is how to adjust it?

We always need to use Word with some form, so that it can be more clear and concise expression, but Word in the table is how to adjust it? Here to share with you, come and see.


1, open Word, find the table you want to adjust, such as the figure below shows that the table line height is a little small.

2, click on the form of the upper-left corner of the cross cursor, select the current form.

3, right-click, in the pop-up list, click on the form properties

4, in the pop-up dialog box, click on the line above, and enter the specified height, click OK

5, as shown in the figure, the row height has been modified.

6, in the form of properties can also modify the entire form of the specified width, when a Word document has more than one form can be aligned through this property.