word table how to display form lines

In WORD in the table only show text does not show the table line, print out also no table line, how do I set up?

1, double-click to open the Word document you need to set up into the Word document.

2, after entering the Word document to find the form part and click on the form, open the form toolbar. In the form toolbar click on the form properties.

3, in the Form Properties interface click to select the form options on the page and select the border and background options.

4, in the border and background interface click on the page of all the options and click OK to save the settings.

How to show or hide gridlines in Word document? How to set word grid lines?

[Answer]: 1. Switch to the “Page Layout” item, in the “Arrange” group to find the “Alignment” command and open the drop-down menu, select one of the “View Grid Lines” command to display the grid lines.

2. If you want to display only part of the grid lines, click the “Grid Settings” command in the Alignment drop-down menu, and then set the “Display Grid” under “Draw Grid” in the pop-up “Draw Grid” dialog box. “Vertical Interval” or “Horizontal Interval” under the pop-up “Drawing Grid” dialog box to set the “Display Grid” under the “Vertical Interval” or “Horizontal Interval” in the list of the number of grid lines, you can determine.

3. In the “Page Layout” option, in the “Arrange” group to find the “Alignment” command and click on the drop-down menu, select again “View Grid Lines” command, remove the check in front of the “View Grid Lines” command to hide the grid lines.