word table serial number how to pull down sorting

word serial number to how to pull down

This video uses HP battle 66 computer demonstration, for windows 10 home Chinese version of the system, using Microsoftoffice2010 operation.

The use of word when manually enter the serial number is particularly troublesome, the following I come to share with you, word how to quickly form a pull-down serial number;

First open a blank [Word document], click [Insert], select [Forms];

According to their own needs to select the number of rows and columns to create a new form, the establishment of a new form is complete, the first column of the first column, enter [Serial Number] in the form of the first column of the first column enter [serial number] two text, select the first column of the second to the last column;

Click [Start], select the paragraph options in the [No.], click on the drop-down arrow, select the [Define new numbering format];

In the pop-up dialog box to select the [No. Style], as well as the [Alignment], click [OK] can be, at this time, the word form drop-down serial number to complete. Pull down the serial number to complete.

word form how to pull the serial number 123

Word form to pull the serial number 123 method is as follows:

Tools: Mechanical Revolution S3Pro, Windows 10, Word2021.

1, open the Word form, select the form needs to be filled with the serial number of the cell column.

2, click the menu bar on the “Start – Paragraph – No.”, pull down and select 123 serial number.

3, the form of selected cells filled with 123 serial number.

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word form how to serial number automatically down

Add serial number on the left side of the form.

word form serial number automatically down the row method: first click on the menu bar on the layout – Insert on the left side of the form on the left side of the insertion of the serial number column, followed by the serial number added in the selected column, click on the menu bar on the beginning of the paragraph – paragraph – numbering, drop down to select the style of the automatic serial number, and finally click on the title of the first serial number under the title, click on the right button of the mouse, select Restart 1. Delete the title of the mark. Below the serial number column is automatically sorted.

word form can be clear and intuitive organization of data, and comparison, arithmetic and analysis, so the table is widely used.

word form how to sort the number 123456 drop-down

word form sorting number 123456 drop-down steps are as follows:

1, open the need to sort the number of “word document”, select the need to sort the contents of the number.

2, click on “Start”, click on the “number icon” right drop-down arrow.

3, click on “Define new number format”, the “numbering style” to “1, 2, 3”.

4, click “OK” can be.

word form how the serial number automatically down

Word2003 as an example, the introduction of the form of data sorting in the two main methods:

Method 1: Use the “Forms and Borders” toolbar in the “Ascending Sort” and “Descending Sort” buttons. “and” descending order “button.

1. Show the “Forms and Borders” toolbar, if the above two buttons are not displayed, open this toolbar after the “Add or Remove Buttons” ¡ú “Forms and Borders “, check these two items.

2. Move the insertion point to the data to be sorted into the column (any cell can be).

3. Click the “Ascending” button, the number of columns will be sorted from small to large, Chinese characters in accordance with the pinyin from A to Z, the order of the rows of records in accordance with the results of the sorting adjustments; click the “Descending” button, the number of columns will be sorted from large to Click “Descending Sort” button, the numbers in the column will be sorted from big to small, the Chinese characters will be sorted from Z to A according to Pinyin, and the order of the rows will be adjusted according to the sorting result.

Method 2: Use the “Form” menu in the “Sort Command”.

1. The insertion point will be placed in the form to be sorted, “Forms” ¡ú “Sort”, open the “Sort” dialog box.

2. Select the “main keywords”, “type”, “ascending” or “descending” If there are more rows of records, you can also set the sorting for the secondary keyword and the third keyword.

3. According to the sorting form with or without the title line to choose the bottom of the “title line” or “no title line”.

4. OK, the order of the rows will be sorted according to the results of the corresponding adjustment.

word form how to sum?

word form and need to first use the computer word software to open the relevant documents, and then select the cells that need to be summed up, click on the top menu bar in the layout, and then click on the formula, select OK.

word document how to pull down the serial number 12345

Methods are as follows:

1, selected columns click on the start to select the need to enter the serial number of the column. Click on the upper “Start” menu.

2, click the number of selected format click the menu below the “number”. Check any one of the serial number format.

3, click on the + sign to pull down the serial number is automatically entered after clicking on the form below the “+” sign, pull down.