word table serial number sorting is not neatly organized

WORD form in front of the serial number of chaos how to do

Solution: Select to fill the serial number of cells, the implementation of: Format / Bulletin and numbering, select the appropriate numbering method can be.

1, first look at the form to add the serial number

2, select “Start” – “No. Library” – “Define a new numbering format “

3, select the number of fonts, format, and finally determine.

word form in the serial number how to center alignment

Edit the form in the automatic serial number did not horizontally centered

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Select the automatic serial number, click the right mouse button, select [Adjust the list of indentation], the text indentation is adjusted to 0, the number of the after: do not specifically marked.

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Check the automatic serial number, adjust the [line and paragraph spacing], check the lower left [tabs], the default tabs adjusted to 0 characters.

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