Word table to remove the line in the center

How to remove some of the lines in a word table




First of all, open the Word2010 software, click on the Insert tab, and then click on the table function.


Select the number of rows and columns of the table, release the mouse after the interface to draw a table.


Next, you will be automatically redirected to the Design tab, click on the Erase button in the Drawing Borders ribbon.


Pull on the area you want to erase and let go when a thick black line appears, and the line is erased. However, it should be noted that this function on the edge of the line erased after the cell still exists, if you erase in the form of internal and merge cells with the same function.


If you want to erase the lines inside the table, but do not want to merge the cells, select the cell area where you want to erase the lines, and then click on the small triangle next to the border button in the Form Styles ribbon.


In the options pulled down we see that you can erase the selected position of the lower frame line, upper frame line, etc., such as selecting the internal horizontal frame line. This way the lines are invisible, but still come in three cells.