Android boot animation can be seen in which location

Which folder is the boot animation of Dinmax

The boot animation of Dinmax is in the system folder. According to the query related public information, the boot logo image is usually saved in the “/system/media/” folder, with the file name “ “. Dingwei Technology is an innovative technology enterprise dedicated to the development and design of Android car navigation program. It has mastered the core technologies of in-vehicle navigation infotainment, human-computer interaction and advanced driver assistance.

Android boot animation in which folder

Android phone boot animation is saved in the system file system/media directory, to view this directory requires the phone to obtain root privileges

You can download re file manager in the application market to view

If the phone does not have root privileges, you can download the Baidu Root If you don’t have root access on your phone, you can download Baidu Root and other rooting software to get root access.

How to find out the boot logo, or picture of Android

First of all, you must make sure that the phone has acquired the permissions, and you must be able to make system modifications, or else you can only do it by brushing the phone.

Find the system folder in the cell phone directory — media folder — bootanimation file package, this is the file package of the boot screen. Then you can’t decompress it, you can only use compression tools to open it, and then you can replace the pictures in it with the same format and not too much difference in resolution, there is no size requirement, but since you are not an expert, you can only replace the same number of pictures. After that it’s done.

If you can’t modify it, then you should brush it, and find the same file inside the rom to modify it.