Apple phone formatting sd card

How to format the phone

The operation method of formatting the phone is as follows (take iPhone12 as an example):

Operating environment: iPhone12, iOS15, Settings 1.1.

1, open Settings, click [General] to enter the Apple cell phone system settings page, and click.

2. Slide the page to the bottom and click [Transfer or Restore iPhone].

3. After jumping to the Restore page, click on the [Restore] option at the bottom left corner of the page.

4. In the pop-up options window, find and click on the [Restore All Settings] section.

5. Once you enter the Enter Password page, enter your phone’s [Lock Screen Password] and your phone will be formatted.

Apple 6 prompts sD card damaged how can I fix it?

The most effective and convenient way to deal with this situation is to format the SD card with your phone.

The specific operation method is as follows:

1, first of all, turn on the phone, enter the phone “Settings” interface, click on “Storage Device” to enter.

2, then click on the “Format SD card” this item, select the default file system format of the phone to format the SD card. When the formatting is finished, try to read and write to the SD card.

3, when we run into the above method does not work, this time you need to take the phone’s SD card from the back side of the down, with a card reader to the SD card link to the computer; and then press “Win + R” shortcut key on the keyboard to open the left side of the “Run! “dialog box, enter the letters “CMD” and then enter, into the MSDOS page.

4, in the MSDOS page, type “chkdsk/fX:” (X represents the SD card relative disk drive letter). This will give the SD card a repair and check the operation of the car. 5. repair end, try to read the SD card, see if it can be used.

When the above methods are useless, it is likely that there are some problems with the phone’s SD card hardware. At this point, we can choose to use the “MyDiskTest” program to check whether there are some problems on the U disk. We can directly through the Baidu search “MyDiskTest” and then download to be able to use; then click on the use of “MyDiskTest” program software, click to test the SD card in the disk drive from the “Select test items” in the selection of “data integrity test” this item, and then mouse click “Start”, and then will test. When the test is over, a test report will be displayed, according to the report will be able to know the performance of the SD card is good or bad.

Using the above methods still doesn’t solve the problem of SD card repair, you can basically determine that the SD card is completely broken.