Baidu Map Labeling Application Entrance

How to mark Baidu map? Where can I mark?

The new platform of Baidu Maps is on line, you can mark your company on the map for free,

Please refer to the following points to mark:

1, register and login, perfect personal information: directly visit注册百度账号 to activate and perfect personal information; or through the Baidu Maps homepage, click on the upper right corner of the “Free labeling for merchants” to complete the registration and login.

2. If you can find your store, you can claim it directly: Please enter your store in the box above the map, and if you can find your store, please claim it directly, and you need to upload your license qualification when you claim it. If you can’t find it, please mark its location first and then claim it.

3. If you can’t find your store, please mark it first and then claim it by clicking “I want to mark” and filling in the name of the merchant and the exact location of the address, down to the door number. Click on “Mark Merchant Location”, double click on the map, zoom in on the map scale. The larger the scale of the map, the more accurate the labeling will be. You need to put it to the maximum level, that is, double-click the mouse map is no longer zoomed in, the map can clearly display your location until the surrounding environment. Referring to the landmarks in your neighborhood, drag and drop the red dots in the map, mark them to the location you think is the most accurate, and click OK to submit them before claiming them.

4. After submitting the application, it will take 5-7 days for the review period, please be patient.

For more information, please refer to the website:

How to mark your merchant information on Baidu map.


1, enter the Baidu home page, click on the upper right corner of the “Login” to enter the Baidu login portal, enter the account information, login to enter the personal home page of Baidu;

2, in the personal home page of Baidu, click on the “Maps “

3, in the Baidu map home page, find and click on the upper right corner of the “merchant free labeling”;

4, enter the local merchant center, click on the “I want to mark the adoption of

4. Enter the local merchant center, click “I want to mark claim”, enter the name of the merchant you want to mark in the search box in the right frame, click the “search” icon, you will enter the next page to determine whether the merchant has not been marked;

5. If you see there is a record, check to see if it is their own to mark. If not, click on the “free add label” icon to enter the label to claim a single merchant page;

6, in the label to claim a single merchant page, enter the appropriate information, you need to pay attention to fill in the information requirements, such as the merchant name needs to be the same as the registered name of the business license, and there is a limit to the number of words. After entering and confirming the information, click “Submit”;

7, a dialog box will pop up to confirm the submission of information, confirm the information and click “Continue to submit”, after which a pop-up will appear, “Congratulations on your success! Submitted successfully, we will feedback in 3-5 working days review results.

How to add your company name on Baidu map

Check if it has been marked. First, find out if the location you want to mark has already been marked, you can search in Baidu Maps. If it’s not marked, it will say “No location found in China, sorry”; go to the Baidu Local Merchant Center.

Log in to your Baidu account, open Baidu Maps, and search for the company name to see if it already exists. If it doesn’t, click on “Free Markup for Businesses” in the upper right corner to go to the next page. Click on “Mark and Claim Single Merchant”, or click on “Batch Standard Claim Merchant” if you are claiming multiple merchants.

First, use your computer browser to open the Baidu Maps website. After entering Baidu Maps, we look at the bottom of the “Brand / Merchant Adoption” to enter the location marking entrance. This will show the current map can be labeled several ways, is the merchant labeling, select the back of the “merchant cooperation certification” under the immediate certification.

First, enter the Baidu Maps home page, click on the upper right corner of the merchant free labeling. Click on the left side of the “I want to mark recognized”, in the input box to enter their store name. Click on “Free Markup” in the lower right corner. Fill in the relevant store information as needed.

Baidu map marking name name process (2016): determine the company’s industry category, different categories require different qualifications. Prepare general business qualifications, such as business license, ID card, contact information. Determine the map information, such as the map name, specific address (precise coordinates), customer service phone.

Open Baidu Browser on your computer, find the map on the top right, and click to enter. Then after entering the main interface of the map, you can see the word free labeling of merchants at the bottom, and then click to enter. In the new interface, click Add New Location to add the company location.