Basic features of the structured programming approach

What are the characteristics of structured programming methods?

The structured programming approach consists of three basic structures:

1)Sequential structure: a sequential structure is a linear, ordered structure that executes modules of statements in sequence.

2)Loop structure: A loop structure is the repetitive execution of one or more modules until a certain condition is met.

3)Selection structure: Selection structure is to choose the path of program execution based on whether the condition is valid or not.

With structured program design methodology, the program structure is clear and easy to read, test, troubleshoot and modify. As each module performs a single function, there are fewer inter-module links, making programming simpler than in the past, the program is more reliable, and increased maintainability, each module can be independently prepared and tested.

What are the characteristics of structured programming? What are its limitations?

1.Characteristics of structured programming:

1)The whole program is modularized.

2)Each module has only one entry and one exit.

3)Each module should be able to be executed separately, and no dead loop.

4)Use top-down. Step-by-step approach.

2. Limitations:

1)Although the structured programming approach has many advantages, it is still a process-oriented programming approach, which separates the data and the process of processing the data into mutually independent entities.

2)When the data structure is changed, all related processing procedures have to be modified accordingly, and each new approach relative to the old problem brings additional overhead and poor program reusability.

3)Due to the application of graphical user interface, the program operation evolves from sequential operation to event-driven, which makes the software more and more convenient to use, but more and more difficult to develop, it is difficult to describe and realize the function of this kind of software in terms of process, and it will be very difficult to use the process-oriented method to develop and maintain.

What are the main features of the structured programming approach?

1.The top-down, step-by-step refinement approach to programming is used in requirements analysis, and outline design.2.Use of three basic control structures to construct a programAny program can be constructed from three basic control structures: sequential, selective, and repetitive. (1) The sequential approach is used to decompose the process and determine the order in which the parts are executed. (2) Decomposition of a process by selection, which determines the conditions for execution of a part. (3) Decomposition of a process in a cyclic manner to determine the conditions for the start and end of repetition of a part. (4) Repeatedly use the above decomposition methods for the parts of the process that are still ambiguous, so that eventually all the details can be determined.