Blanks on a page of a word form

word in a form is divided into two pages, but the first page obviously still have a blank section

Setting the footer is too high will lead to this situation, you can solve the following methods:

1, open the word found that the content of the existence of a blank page, the following chart.

2, position the mouse cursor to the blank page, click the right mouse button, select paragraph, the following chart.

3, modify the line spacing to a fixed value, as follows.

4, set the line spacing to the minimum, the minimum here is 1 pound, the following chart.

5, set up, click OK to complete the setup, as follows.

6, this time the content of the blank page is gone, as follows.

word form text above the blank, but not to go

word form text above the blank, but not to go on the specific can be done in this way:

1, first of all, open the word, and then click on the upper left corner of the New, click into.

2, and then in the page that appears, click on the following “options”.

3, and then click “Advanced” to enter the advanced options page.

4. Finally, check the box in front of “Input Method Active Option”.

So, when entering text in the form, you must have seen a blank but can not move to the top of the typing situation, in fact, this is the problem of settings.