computer level 2 c language self-study books

What are the tutorial books for National Computer Grade Exam Level 2 C language?

The tutorial books for the National Computer Grade Exam Level II C language are: “National Computer Grade Exam Level II Tutorial – Public Basic Knowledge” “National Computer Grade Exam Level II Tutorial – C Language Programming” “C Programming “(preferably the third edition, the fourth edition can also be) “National Computer Grade Examination upper examination practice problem set second level C language programming” “National Computer Grade Examination second level tutorial – public basic knowledge” “Future Education – National Computer Grade Examination a pass”.

Computer level two c language over corresponding to the third level can apply for network technology, software testing technology, information security technology, embedded systems development technology. b class assessment of the basic knowledge of computer applications and the initial ability to develop computer software systems. 2002 examination center to adjust the level exam, the third level exam into The examination center adjusted the level examination in 2002, and divided the three-level examination into four categories, such as “pc technology”, “information management technology”, “database technology” and “network technology”, which correspondingly reduced the difficulty of the examination. In 2013, the Examination Center adjusted the level exam again, dividing the level 3 exam into four categories: “Network Technology”, “Database Technology”, “Software Testing Technology”, “Information Security Technology”, and “Information Security Technology”. Information security technology”, “embedded systems development technology” and other five categories, from the second half of 2013 to implement the 2013 version of the examination syllabus, and for the first time to realize all the subjects of the paperless examination.

What textbook do I need to buy for the National Computer Class II C Language exam?

Yes, the exam is divided into two parts, written and on-line

The written exam is 70% C language and 30% fundamentals for 100 points.

The onboard test has three C questions for 100 marks.

So the textbook is also divided into two parts:

1, “Public Basic Knowledge”, Higher Education Press

2, C language related books, we recommend that you use Tan Haoqiang’s “C Programming”, that book is classic and more suitable for learning.

Finally, it is recommended that you do “C language Nankai 100 questions”, that is equivalent to a question bank, very useful ~


If there is no foundation, then the question bank should not be done first, self-study or Tan Haoqiang, that is better, from the beginning to learn, and has been learning the pointers, structures, files can be done.

“Public Basics” can first look at the data structures and programming fundamentals of the part, these are also the basis for learning C language, software engineering and database later to see it ~

Additionally, if you are a college student can enroll in an elective course to learn, but self-study is definitely possible.

Please ask the computer level 2 c language, self-study learners need to learn what, need to buy any book reference?

Self-study computer level 2 c language, you can buy the following reference books:

1, “National Computer Grade Examination Level 2 Tutorial – C Programming”, the Ministry of Education Examination Center group edited by the Higher Education Press.

2, “National Computer Grade Examination Level II C language”, Guiyang, Wang Gongming edited, published by Electronic Industry Press.

Computer level two C language exam should buy what textbooks, what information?

All the official “National Computer Grade Examination Second Class Tutorial” series of c language and public basics, auxiliary book: “Cprimerplus”. If just to cope with the examination, these three books are sufficient. In fact, do not feel that the computer level two how difficult.

In fact, now the c language taught in colleges and universities, or you learn the c language, mainly to establish a programming idea or a logical idea (the answer to the word is poor, I would like to know), the computer two c language test things will not be difficult to go, the test of the most is the order of the judgment, the cycle of three statements.

More to do some related topics, do over the years of the examination, do the more the better, while doing also think, these questions are how the idea, what are the difficulties, the first few times to do there may be a lot of places will not, but do not retreat.