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Principles of Operating Systems

Principles of Operating Systems (Operating Systems) – Peking University Resources Free Download

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Principles of Operating Systems ( Operating


Peking University|Video|Courseware|9-MOOC-Filesystems1.pdf|8-MOOC-StorageModel2.pdf|7-MOOC-StorageModel1.pdf|6-MOOC-SynchronizationMechanisms2.pdf|5-MOOC-SynchronizationMechanisms1.pdf|4-MOOC-ProcessorScheduling1.pdf|4-MOOC-SynchronizationMechanisms1.pdf|4-MOOC-SynchronizationMechanisms1.pdf MOOC-Processor Scheduling.pdf|3-MOOC-Process-Thread Model.pdf|2-MOOC-Operating System Runtime Environments and Operation Mechanisms-Released.pdf|12-MOOC-Deadlocks.pdf|11-MOOC-IO-Systems.pdf|10-MOOC-File-Systems2.pdf|1-MOOC-Overview-of-Operating-Systems.pdf< /p>