excel summation number is not correct

Why are the values summed inside the excel sheet incorrect?

There are two possibilities:

1, these values are stored in text form and need to be saved as numeric values before they can be saved.

2, these values before or after the extra characters, such as spaces and some non-printing characters, resulting in excel does not treat these cells as numerical values, clear these values before and after the extra characters.



Lenovo GeekPro2020, Windows 10, Excel2019.

1, encountered this problem you need to modify the formatting of the summing cells of the excel table. Open Excel and select the summing cell.

2, right-click the cell and click Set Cell Format.

3, click on the value.

4, set the cell format to numerical value, click OK.

5, click AutoSum, you can get the result of the summation.

Why EXCEL sum always wrong?

excel summing error causes

1. excel summing error, there are several possibilities: it may be a cell formatting problems, summing errors.

2. At this time, we can click the right mouse button, click Set Cell Format, set the digital format.

3. will be set to text format can be

4. cell space or other invisible characters, will also lead to summing errors.

5. Selected data, Ctrl + H to bring up the Replacement dialog box, enter a space can be (if the invisible characters, choose to copy an invisible character), click Replace All.

Why do I use Excel to sum when the results are not right

Why do I use Excel to sum when the results are not right

There are several reasons that may lead to the sum result is not right.

One, the formula is wrong and referenced in the wrong place. This is the most common.

Two, the referenced cell data format error. Such as text type data, data with spaces, data before and after other strings.

Three, did not set up a good rounding.

four, the reference to participate in the summation of the data in the text

Why excel summing results are wrong?

A, excel sum why the result is wrong? (1) If the SUM function and the error, the general reason is that the text format of the number will be ignored by the SUM function, so that the calculated value of the error, and then a reason for the formula quoted in the cell address is written wrong, so that the calculation of the region of the error; (2) if it is the “+” symbol for the sum, the reason for the error is generally the number of cells with non-numeric other content, such as text , letters, symbols and then or transparent other unprintable low-level computer code.

(3) If the prompt “circular reference” error, and the value of 0, that is, in the cell being quoted in the formula written in the sum resulting in a circular reference to the value of 0.? Second, how to automatically sum the spreadsheet? Assuming that the figures written in cells A1 to A100, the formula can be written as = SUM (A1: A100) or = A1 + A2 + A3 + A4 + A5 + A6 + A7 + A8