excel text box can set the formula

How to enter formulas in Excel tables to calculate the results

Tools/materials: MicrosoftOfficeExcel2016 version, Excel tables.

1, first select the Excel table, double-click to open.

2, and then in this interface, select the cell to set the formula.

3, followed by the text box, enter the formula, such as the sum formula “= SUM (A1: A3)”.

4, and then on the keyboard, click the Enter button.

5, and finally in the interface, the successful display of the formula calculation results.

excel table text cells in how to quote the formula?

A, you can use & (and number) operator or CONCATENATE function to do. x0ax0a For example, in cell A11 is: “Total:”, A1 to A10 cells and the value of 100, that is, = SUM (A1 + A10) the value of 100 . x0a now want to cell A11 to arrive at: “Total: 100” x0a then cell A1 write the formula x0a = “Total:” & SUM (A1: A10) x0a or x0a = CONCATENATE (“Total:”, SUM (A1: A10)) x0ax0a Second, CONCATENATE function definition x0a will be several text strings into a text string. x0a syntax x0aCONCATENATE(text1,text2, …) x0aText1,text2,… for 1 to 30 text items that will be merged into a single text item. These text items can be text strings, numbers or references to a single cell. x0a description x0a can also be used & (and the number) operator instead of the CONCATENATE function to achieve the merger of the text items. x0ax0a Note: x0a the linker to let: digital, text, characters, formulas and logical values such as linking to each other, but can not be linked with the error value or only the result of the x0ax0a Third, for example, as follows: x0a For example, in x0aA1 write “I”, B1 write “we”, x0aC1 write formula = A1& B1 value is “we” x0aC2 write = A1& “and their” value is “I and they” x0aC3 write = “not” & A1& B1 value is “we” x0aC3 write = “not” & B1 value is “we” x0aC3 write = “not” & B1 value is “not” & B1 value is “not”. B1 yields the value “not us”.

excel how to insert formulas in the text box, automatically calculate the sum of two cell numbers? customized “user forms” how to use?

Text box directly can not be calculated, you can compromise:

1, in the A3 enter = A1 + A2

2, insert a text box, in the edit field on the input = A3

This time, the text box displays the contents of the A3 content (A1 and the sum of the A2)

The latter question do not know what it means.

excel how to set up formula calculations

A basic method of entering formulas

Selected need to enter the formula cells, in the selected cells, enter the equal sign =, enter the content of the formula, if the calculation of the data used in the cell, the mouse can be used to click on the required references to the cell.

After entering the formula, press Enter, Excel automatically calculates and displays the results of the calculation in the cell, the content of the formula is displayed in the edit box. Mouse click on the cell, above the function column displays the cell’s public content.

Two, the form of automatic summation

The mouse insertion point is positioned in the request and the cell, click on the [Forms Tools Layout] – [Data] – [fx formula], open the “formula” dialog box (here the system automatically matches a formula = SUM (LEFT), said the left cell), it is exactly what we have to do. (LEFT), that is, we need the formula, so we do not need to enter another formula, directly click the “OK” button to the results.

Hint: The formula window appears in the = SUM (LEFT), meaning that all the cells on the left side of the digital sum. Similarly, when all the cells above the sum of the figures, the formula “= SUM ()” is shown in parentheses as “ABOVE”.

Three, the form of auto-fill

Many people believe that Word forms can only be a cell to enter the formula for the calculation. In fact, it is not, it can also quickly auto-fill calculations. And there are two different ways to achieve, the following are introduced:

Method 1: After setting up the first cell formula and the results, immediately select the other cells, press the [F4] key, the formula will automatically fill and calculate the results.

Method 2: the sum of the results will be copied and pasted (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V keys) to the other cells below, and then [F9] key, the cell will be updated all the way to automatically sum.

Tip: On the surface, copy and paste the data here, in fact, is a copy of the cell formula at the same time (that is, the “domain” code). So when you press the [F9] key, the data automatically change, that is, the domain of the update. And when the form of the quarterly data changes, select the formula cell again, press the [F9] key, you will get a new summary results.

Four, the average

When the above data to understand the method of summation, then, the average value of the calculation is very easy, just replace the formula. The average function is AVERAGE. Therefore, in the “formula” dialog box, enter the formula = AVERAGE (LEFT), that is, the results. (Note: Here is the left side of the data to calculate the average, including the left side of the “Total” column data).

Hint: Word form cells also have line numbers and column labels. Therefore, in writing the formula, you can use Excel the same way: = AVERAGE (b2: d2), that is, for the form of b2 to the average of the data in cell d2.