How do you set the location of your favorites out?

Where is the cell phone’s collection how to open

Where is the cell phone’s collection how to open

The cell phone’s collection is a function we often use in our daily use, which allows us to quickly find the content we are interested in, such as articles, pictures, videos and so on. However, some anti-climbing mechanisms will add some out-of-conformity words in the text, which may affect the reading experience. Here we will detail the steps to view your phone’s favorites.

Step 1: Enter the browser

First of all, we need to enter the phone’s browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari and so on. After opening the browser, we can see the main interface of the browser, there will be some pages that have been bookmarked, if you haven’t bookmarked them, then here is blank.

Step 2: View Favorites

Next, we need to find the location of favorites. In the main interface of the browser, we can see a menu button, usually in the upper right corner of the position, click on this button, a menu will pop up, there will be “favorites” option, click to enter.

Step 3: View Favorites

In Favorites, we can see all the content we’ve collected, including webpages, images, videos and so on. If we want to view one of them, we just need to click on it. If you want to delete a favorite, you can long press it and select “Delete”.

Viewing your favorites on your phone is very easy, you just need to go to your browser, find your favorites, and then you can view all your favorites. If you haven’t used this feature yet, give it a try and I’m sure it will bring you a lot of convenience.

360 browser favorites are missing how to restore

360 browser favorites are missing how to restore

One, Baidu browser favorites are missing how to do

1, the right mouse button click on the blank space above the browser.

2, click on the favorites bar, when there is a check mark in front of it, it will show the favorites bar.

3, careful friends must have found, in the collection of columns followed by a shortcut key tips, is Ctrl + B. Operation of this shortcut key, you can realize the collection of columns of the hidden and show the switch.

4, click the upper right corner of the three horizontal line of the button.

5. Select Customize Interface Layout and Favorites Bar in turn, and you can also open or hide the Favorites Bar.

6. Baidu Browser has the function of account login. Just log in your Baidu account, all settings will be saved online. Click the logo in the upper left corner.

7. Sign in to your Baidu account. If your account was set to display Favorites when you logged in before, it will be displayed according to the previous settings.

Two, 360 browser favorites disappeared how to do

1, first of all, we open the browser, in fact, most of the browsers in the operation and functionality is roughly the same, not the same as the other plug-ins and auxiliary functions, here has been the example of the 360 Safe Browser, to show you 360 browser favorites disappeared when the practice, other browsers can refer to this method. Other browsers can refer to this method.

First of all, we open the 360 Safe Browser, if you have not yet downloaded the students please enter the official website to download.

2, after opening the browser, we can generally see the browser’s title bar below the browser’s favorites, if you are accustomed to the use of the students will not be unfamiliar with this, the favorites of the sudden disappearance of the really let us not quite accustomed to.

3, if the favorite somehow disappeared, not it uninstalled, but we hide it.

If you want to make it back to the real body, we just need to right-click on the title bar of the browser, in the pop-up box click on “Favorites”, you can will be favorites again “call” out.

4, then the favorite is not re-appear in the location of the receipt?

We again in the implementation of the above operations, this time before the favorites have been “ticked”, that we have the favorites show up, rather than hidden, which allows us to understand, in fact, tick and do not tick is to show the relationship between the hidden.

5, in fact, want to show favorites, there are more cool ways, is to open the browser, hold down the keyboard’s “CTRL” key, in the press “B” key, we can perform the favorites of the hide and show! It’s a great way to hide and show your favorites, isn’t it?

This operation is both convenient and gorgeous, we hurry to try it!

6, then here, some partners will ask, I can not hide the case of favorites, but also can open the favorites of the Web site it?

The answer is yes!

If your favorites are hidden, we’ll shift our attention to the “Favorites” button on the top right.

7, in the Favorites button, we can see the same favorites and other options, in fact, this is a favorites quick button, if we can not find the favorites, you can also be here for the favorites and other operations.

How to restore the location of favorites in win7 system?

Know where your favorites are located. If the Windows7 system is installed in the c disk, then the storage path of the favorites is:

C:\User\Your User NameNext open the Windows7 Explorer, the mouse on the start menu and click on the right button to see, or use the combination of key Win + E (Win key and the system in the start icon is the same)

Open Explorer, copy your favorites and paste them into a safe place. When you need to restore it, just copy it back. First click on the favorite – in the point “Add to Favorites” after the small triangle, in the choice of “Import and Export”

Pop-up window: Import from a file, is to restore the meaning of the favorite. Export to file is to backup favorites. So choose the latter one, and then click the next step:

Check the favorites – Next – Next – Select the location where you want to save – Export, that is, backup successfully.

If you want to restore, change the fourth step to, just import from file.


Windows 7 is a computer operating system introduced by Microsoft for personal, home and business use, typically installed on laptops, tablets, multimedia centers, etc. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, said in October 2008 that Windows 7 is an “improved version” of Windows Vista.

Microsoft said that in 2014, Windows 7 mainstream support services expired on Jan. 13, 2015, and extended support services expired on Jan. 14, 2020, the company said.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 23, 2011, Microsoft officially released the Windows 7 upgrade patch – Windows 7SP1 (Build 7601.17514.101119-1850) – for the general public, plus WindowsServer2008R2.SP1 upgrade patch. Microsoft is canceling all technical support for WindowsXP.

Beijing, December 10, 2013 – Windows 7 stopped selling retail versions on October 30th.

On October 31, 2014, boxed versions of Windows 7 Home Normal, Home Premium, and Flagship will no longer be sold. And Microsoft is no longer licensing these three editions to OEMs.

As of January 14, 2015, Microsoft stopped providing mainstream support for Windows 7, which means that Microsoft officially stopped adding new features or functionality to it.

Basic Introduction

Windows 7 is a computer operating system introduced by Microsoft for personal, home, and business use, typically installed on laptops, tablets, and multimedia centers. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, said in October 2008 that Windows 7 is an “improved version” of Windows Vista.

System Interface

System Interface (2 photos)

Windows 7 was released to assembler manufacturers on July 22, 2009, and retail versions were released in China and Taiwan on October 23, 2009, and in Hong Kong on the following day. In October 2011, StatCounter survey data showed that Windows 7 had sold 450 million units, surpassing Windows XP’s 38.72 percent market share with 40.17 percent. 

How to open mobile favorites?

Where to open cell phone favorites

There are two ways:

The first way:

On the desktop of the cell phone, tap “My Documents”

tap ” All Files”

Note: sdcard0 is the internal memory card of the phone

extSdCard is the external memory card of the phone, e.g. TF card.

The second method:

Open USB debugging

Methods: Tap the “Settings” icon on the desktop of your phone, and then locate the “Developer Options” tab. Tap “Developer Options” and check “USB Debugging”.

Install 360 Mobile Assistant on your computer

Connect the cable to your computer and open 360 Mobile Assistant, which will start to guide the connection.

After the connection is successful, tap “My Phone”, tap “File”.

Where are my favorites on my phone? How do I open Favorites?

File Management

Where to open mobile favorites

In the browser

How to view qq favorites in mobile phone

1.Open cell phone QFu;

2.Click on your avatar in the upper left corner or swipe to the right to bring up the menu;

3.Click on [My Favorites Favorites];

4. Click the [All] option to categorize your favorites.

How to find out the location of favorites in WeChat on your phone

Method 1, you can find the storage path of WeChat My Favorites on your phone on your computer, and then copy it directly on your computer, the path is as follows:

Photo: Tencent/Micromsg/camera Inside the WeChat installed in the cell phone is in the cell phone memory to find, installed on the card in the memory card in this location;

File: in the sdcard of Tencent’s MicroMsg of ebb34e976d3351bfe0ab (that is, the longest, the back will not be typed out) inside the voice.

Method two, the Android version of Weixin can download the Android emulator on the computer, and then use the emulator to run Weixin, you can see the contents of the “My Favorites” on the computer.

How to use favorites in mobile system tools

Baidu Browser favorite web page method:

1, open Baidu Browser, click on the navigation icon “Add to Favorites” button.

2, and then pop up the Add to Favorites window, in this window you can modify the name and location of the collection.

3, you can also use Ctrl + D shortcut to quickly add favorites.

How to see the articles in my phone’s favorites from my computer?

Take the URL you see on the website to open it

If you can’t open it

Click on the Baidu Subject to open it on your mobile phone

How to set up the 360 browser favorites bar without a cell phone favorite?

Click “Add Favorite” next to Favorites – > “Favorites Bar Display Settings” – > “Add Favorites” – > “Favorites Bar Display Settings” – &gt -> “Show Mobile Favorites”.

How to view the 360 browser favorites on the computer in the cell phone

1, open the browser home page, in the upper left corner of the cell phone favorites icon, as shown in the figure below. 2, click on the click on the pop-up login box, click on the login can be 3, click on the login, it will be popped up to enter the account password, if there is a direct login, if not, you have to register, as shown in the figure below. 4、After logging in successfully, there is an image in the upper right corner of the page, that is, the image of the account number, which proves that the login is successful. 5、Login successfully and then click on the upper left corner of the cell phone favorites, according to the steps to directly into both.

How do I open my cell phone’s “Favorites”?

Tap on Favorites to open it

This is the first time I’ve seen a cell phone with a favorite image.