How the WeChat developer tool runs the program

WeChat web developer tool how to use?

WeChat web developer tools is a public platform by WeChat the latest release of the development tools, the release of the tool for developers, it is simply the gospel; developers through the software can be convenient and fast in the PC computer terminal to complete the development and testing, and some users in the first time to use the software, do not know how to use, so I have brought the WeChat web developer tools for everyone! Usage, the need for users can refer to the next!

How to use WeChat web developer tool

1. WeChat web developer tool download, and install

2. Launch WeChat web developer tool

3. Log in to WeChat public number, go to the web developer tool, and bind your personal micro-signal


5. Copy the link from WeChat public number to the address bar, it’s done

WeChat web developer tool mobile debugging

The mobile debugging function is based on weinre, and some improvements have been made, compared with the direct use of weinre, there are two advantages:

No need to manually add the weinre debugging script to the page <

You can see the full http request log in weinre’s web request tab, not limited to ajax requests

WeChat Web Developer Tools ChromeDevTools

WeChat Web Developer Tools integrates with ChromeDevTools, which is the same as the previous debugging experience on the PC. You can get started quickly.

The above tutorials are the basic tutorials on how to use WeChat’s web developer tools, and some of the more complex content and techniques are still largely left to the user to figure out.

The steps to use WeChat Development Tools are as follows:

1, download and install WeChat Development Tools.

2, start WeChat development tools, click on the new small program, enter the project name, click OK will generate an empty small program project.

3, in the tool’s editor, write the code for the project, compile and run your code to check for errors.

4, when your small program is completed, click on the publish button, will be submitted to the small program review, to be reviewed and approved by the small program can be released.

How to use WeChat web developer tools to debug the program

Following the trend of experiencing the development process of WeChat’s small program, I found that the official WeChat web developer tools do not support breakpoints in the code.

After using console.log for a while, I found it troublesome and suddenly remembered that there is another trick:


The debugger statement can be used to interrupt points in Chrome and Firefox, and the WeChat web developer tool is supposed to be an Atom or VSCode shell, which should be supported theoretically. I think it should be supported, so I tried it

Click debugging will automatically come in

It’s true that you can set up Watch and view CallStack and so on. Now I don’t have to hit console.log over and over again.

You can also package this function to add some assert-like syntax, simple conditional breakpoints can be realized to further improve development efficiency.

You can also wrap this function, add some assert-like syntax, simple conditional breakpoints are achieved, further improving development efficiency.