How to add a background to a word table

word table background color how to set: word table background color

We use word to add a table, from time to time, it will add a certain background color, then the background color of the cell is specifically how to add it? Then below I will share with you the skills to set the background color of the table in word, welcome to learn.

word set the table background color method

Step 1: First of all, we need to find a word document with a table, or insert a table in the document.

Step 2: Then we put the mouse in a cell, right-click the mouse, there will be a pop-up box appears,

Step 3: We select the pop-up box in the list of border and background options. I use office2010, may be different versions of office software page is not the same

Step 4: click, there will be a pop-up box, we select the pop-up box of the third option: underline

Step 5: we can see the underline option has a fill and pattern two options, we only look at the fill option, the default is no color.

Step 6: We click on the drop-down triangle box next to no color, and then the mouse to select one of the colors can be

Step 7: Next, we can click OK, but we also want to pay attention to the OK button above the Apply to option, we should select the drop-down box in the cell, so that the background color of the cell will be the color we choose.

word how to add underline to the table

In the process of using word documents to edit the table, we sometimes need to set the background of the table as a horizontal or vertical bar underline style. Below, we will give you the specific operation.

First of all, we will select the entire form, open the “Design” menu under the “Borders” – “Borders and Underlines” option.

In the dialog box that pops up, we open the “Underline” tab, in the “pattern” in the choice of their own style of underline.

In order to make the underline look better, we can adjust the color of the underline according to our own preferences and layout colors.

After the settings are completed, click “OK”, you can see the entire form has become a blue checkered background.

Of course, if you only want to set up a single line or a single column of the form, you can set up the rows or columns need to be selected, click the right mouse button, select the “border and background” option.

Also in accordance with the above method, set the style and color of the background, click “OK”, a single line of the background effect is set up.