How to change rows in a word table?

word table text how to line feed?

Select the form, the form – Form Properties – Cell – Options, there is an automatic line feed, direct operation.

1, word in the form of text would have been automatic line breaks automatically aligned, it is divided into vertical and parallel alignment. Selected form, click the menu in the “Form”, select “Form Properties”, in the window that appears, select “Cells”, click “Options ” button, in the cell options check the “automatic line feed” can be.

2, word form can be achieved directly in the text of the automatic line feed, instant line feed; select the entire form, right-click – Auto Adjust, select the fixed column width, it will automatically change the line, and not with the increase in text, and change the width of the form. Note: In the form properties set the column width to a fixed value can make the text automatically line feed will not hold up the form.