How to change the copy and paste shortcut icon on your computer

How to set “Copy”, “Paste”, “Delete” shortcut buttons on the toolbar in Windows 7?


Display the desktop in the lower right corner, hover to temporarily display the desktop, but can not move, a move will resume. If you want to show the desktop, you have to click the shortcut win+space.

2Drag in the shortcut and run the program icon into one. When you click on the icon, run the program if it is not running. If it is already running, activate the program.

Multiple running programs are also combined into one icon. Click on the icon to switch

3Left click and hold the top edge of a window twice to minimize the other windows, click and hold the top edge and drag it quickly to the top to maximize the window, move it to the taskbar and minimize it. Mouse over the top edge of the window and double click to maximize the window vertically

4Win+1, Win+2, Win+3 。。。。。。 Launch the appropriate program

5Quickly launch an application hanging on the taskbar as an administrator is simple – hold down Ctrl+Shift while clicking on the icon, and you’ll instantly be able to launch it as an administrator

6Win+T moves the focus to the taskbar


7When an error occurs when you start any program, you can log the problem or error by typing “PSR” in the Start Menu and then Enter and click on the Start Logging button.


Burn Image FileDouble-click the ISO image file with your mouse, then select a blank disk in your drive and click the Burn button to immediately see your CD being burned.

9TroubleshootingIf you’re using Windows

7 and you find that some part of it is behaving abnormally, but you’re not sure what’s causing it, find the “Troubleshoot” option in the Control Panel and then go to the Troubleshooting package.

10Click the Start menu and select “







Disc. System Repair Disk”, Windows

7 will immediately create a bootable emergency disk for you

11 Shadow Mode: To use this feature, you can find a way to create an account in the User Accounts and Home Security options in the Control Panel, and then turn on the “PC

Safeguard” feature. Safeguard” feature, or you can test it yourself to see if it works.

12Want to focus on a document in a window without distractions? Hit Win+Home to minimize all other windows, leaving the current window in the same position. Hit Win+Home again to restore all windows.

13 hold down Ctrl, scroll the mouse wheel can be, but can be changed arbitrarily, and the icon display is still very clear

Some of my machine is not available, you try it!

Computer shortcuts how to change the icon


1, use the right mouse button to click on a blank space on the desktop, in the pop-up menu tap New → Shortcut.

2, and then enter in the dialog box (make sure that the system disk in the C drive, multi-system may be in other partitions):

C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exepowrprof.dll, SetSuspendStateHibemate → Next.

3, the shortcut from the original: rundll32.exe → renamed: Close Screen.

4. Click Finish.

5, at this point in the desktop will generate a shortcut to close the screen icon (the default system icon, it is more difficult to see) ¡ú right-click on the icon ¡ú Properties ¡ú change icon.

6, after opening, there is still only one icon here. Copy the following relative path:

%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll paste in: Find the icon in this file address bar.

7, then, press the Enter key (confirm), at this time there will be a system default icon to choose from, find a suitable icon → OK.

8, double-click the shortcut icon to close the screen, you can close the screen. If you want to wake up, click the ESC key.


Screen saver, as the name suggests, is to protect the screen of a program, when the user temporarily leave the computer, screen saver will be in the user to set up the time after the automatic start, the screen will be black, and accompanied by different dynamic picture, in order to not let a screen stay in a fixed position. Because when the computer’s monitor are CRT monitors (for the sake of the tube, the backseat is very large), so this screen saver can play a certain role in the protection (power saving).

However, due to the current laptop computers used by the LCD display and CRT monitors work differently, so the use of the screen saver can often only help (reduce the service life). In view of this situation, laptop computers, newer displays, can not use the screen saver, and directly off the screen, power saving and extend the life of the screen.

The above is how to create a shortcut icon on the computer to close the screen method of introduction, the operation is very simple, we can follow the above steps to operate, I hope to help you!

Win10 clipboard set shortcuts win10 clipboard how to set shortcuts

1, in the Windows 10 desktop blank space right-click menu, select New Shortcut.

2, in the location of the object, type: cmd/c “echooff|clip” or directly copy and paste cmd/c “echooff|clip” and click on “Next”.

3, for this shortcut command, such as “one-click to empty the clipboard”.

4, one-click to empty the clipboard shortcut icon will appear on the desktop, double-click to perform the empty, you can also set a shortcut key.

5. Select the One-click to empty clipboard icon, right-click – Properties. You can set a key in the shortcut to clear the clipboard with one click.

6. You can use a combination of keystrokes to avoid conflicts with commonly used software shortcuts.