How to delete a user account on a cell phone

How to clear Huawei cell phone account

Huawei cell phone how to delete the account, sometimes we changed a few phones, after logging in will show, we will see how to delete the account.

First we find the settings on the phone.

Then click on Settings and then click on My Account.

Then we will go to the account center.

At the bottom you can see Sign Out of Account.

Finally click on Sign Out to clear your account.

Summary 1. First we find the settings on our phone.

2, then after clicking into settings we click on my account.

3, then we will enter the account center.

4, at the bottom you can see the exit account.

5, finally click on the exit account to clear the account.

How do I delete my account on my oppo?

1, please enter the cell phone “Settings & gt; the first line of the account & gt; exit the account”, verify the login password to exit the account;

2, open the desktop of the cell phone software store, theme store and other software (except the game center), enter the “My & gt; click on the account of the top of the avatar & gt; exit the account, verify the login password to exit the account;

3, forgot the account password, the phone number is no longer in use: if you have real-name authentication, you can directly verify the real-name information and then change the binding of the phone.

3, forget the account password, cell phone number is no longer used: if you have real name authentication, you can directly verify the real name information after the binding of the cell phone number; if not real name, you can first real name, after the binding of the cell phone number, after the binding of the change of the success of the password can be changed, and then exit the account.

4. The same account is logged in on multiple devices: you can remotely log out of a non-local account by going to “Settings>Account>Currently logged in devices>Select the device you need to log out of>Log out of the account from this device>Remove” on the local device.

How to clear Huawei account on Huawei phone?

If you want to clear Huawei account by brushing on Huawei phone, you need to follow the steps below

1. Preparation: first, you need to prepare the data cable of your Huawei phone and computer. And download the official Huawei brushing tool HiSuite on your computer.

Connecting your phone: connect your Huawei phone to your computer and open the HiSuite software.

2. Backup data: In HiSuite, click the “Backup” button, select the type of data you want to backup, and then click the “Backup” button to start backing up your data.

Flashing: In HiSuite, click the “Flashing” button, select the firmware package to be flashed, and then click the “OK” button to start flashing.

3. Clear Huawei account: HiSuite will prompt you to clear your Huawei account during the flashing process. If you want to clear your Huawei account, select “Yes”, otherwise select “No”.

How do I delete my account from my Samsung phone?

Question 1: How to cancel Samsung account login 1.In standby mode, click [Apps].

2. Click [Settings] – [General].

3. Tap [Accounts] and tap [Samsung Account].

4. Click on the logged-in [Samsung Account].

5. Click [Remove Account] and click [Remove Account].

After completing the above, the Samsung account is successfully removed.

Question 2: How do I log out of an already logged in Samsung account on Samsung S4? Hello:

According to your description, to log out of a signed-in Samsung account go to Settings – Accounts – Add Accounts – Samsung Accounts – click on the current account and remove it.

In Samsung’s official website “Find My Phone”, the Samsung account is logged in, cell phone data is on, remote control function is on.

When you operate “Find My Phone”, there is a prompt in the upper left corner of your phone, so you can open the drop-down curtain to view it.

Welcome to visit Samsung digital service platform:

Question 4: How to quit Samsung account on a8000 cell phone to delete Samsung account or e-mail: We recommend you to enter through the Settings-Accounts – select the account that needs to be deleted – click on the e-mail address – remove the account. account can be.

Question 5: How to quit Samsung cell phone account cell phone to delete Samsung account or e-mail method: we recommend that you through the Settings – Accounts – select the need to delete the account to enter – click on the e-mail address – to remove the account can be.

Question 6: How to remove Samsung account from Samsung s6If you need to cancel your Samsung account ID, it is recommended that you do it in the following way:

In standby mode, click on [Apps] – [Settings] – [Accounts and Synchronization] – [Samsung Accounts] – [Remove Accounts]

Question 7: How to cancel your Samsung account? Reminder? Dear Samsung users:

Through your description, this situation, we recommend that you: 1. Try to switch on and off again 2. Backup cell phone data (phonebook, SMS, multimedia files, etc.), restore factory settings (into the cell phone settings – General – Reset – Restore Factory Settings) or send the phone to the nearest Samsung service center for testing and further processing. Service center address and contact information please visit:

Evaluation, suggestions, trolling, please click:

QUESTION NINE: SAMSUNG Account CancellationHow do I cancel my Samsung cell phone accountI’m very sorry, but Samsung accounts cannot be canceled.

Question 10: How to cancel Samsung cell phone account?1. note3 settings – account – Samsung account – click your account – move out of the account.

2. Website login select profile and choose unsubscribe.

Pure hand tapping.

Huawei cell phone how to clear the account?

Huawei account is to protect the phone, use the phone must have to verify the password in order to use, then how to force clear the Huawei account, the following by me to tell you it.

Huawei account how to force clear

1. Phone off state below, use two thumbs to press the power button and volume keys do not let go of the hand, always press.

2. The phone will enter recovery mode, click on restore factory settings.

3. If it still doesn’t work, connect to your computer and try brushing.